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Xbox 360: More Star Rolling Fun!

Yes, the lovable Katamari Damacy is going to be on the Xbox 360. The game is going to be available on the Xbox Live Arcade. I’m guess probably about 800 MS points. Now we get to see HD crap being rolled into a star sometime in October 2007. Keep your eye out for this.

There isn’t any conformation of this being a xbox 360 exclusive content so PS3 owners, keep your eyes out for this as well.

Xbox 360: [email protected] May Arrive to North America?

Again, not a confirmed thing by Bandai Namco but today, a mysterious thing happened on the Xbox 360 Marketplace. I got home went on and see if we have the new War Tech: Senko no Ronde gamer pictures in. I checked and in Japanese was The [email protected] gamer pictures.

I was like “Uh oh, looks like someone made a mistake putting this here.” Then I went to Major Nelson’s blog and checked to see that they actually did want to put The [email protected] gamer picture in the US marketplace. What does this mean?

  • We might actually get [email protected] here now because a few people on Major Nelson’s blog were asking if its actually coming here.
  • Or, MS just felt that we should get some gamer pictures of a Japan only game just to toy with our feelings of never getting this game.

If this comes to America, hello [email protected], bye-bye Assassin’s Creed.

Xbox 360: Final Fantasy XIII may go multi-platform?

Although this is not officially confirmed by Square-Enix themselves. A lot of questions about whether FFXIII will be going multi-platform or not. The Final Fantasy series so far as always been on one platform and that is Sony’s PS. Square-Enix is now in a pickle of rather to put FXIII on Xbox 360 and PS3 or keep it a PS3 exclusive and keep with the tradition of it being only on one system.

So what do you guys think? Should Square-Enix put this great game into multi-platform, or let the Xbox 360 owners suffer and hope this game saves Sony?

Here is my opinion, bring it to the 360. Not trying to burn Sony into the ground from this last chance of hope along side with Metal Gear Solid 4 but why not bring FFXIII onto the 360 along with PS3? What harm could it possibly do except increase the sale of the game from Xbox 360 owners. The only issue is that the graphics can be so well done that it requires blu-ray but so far, no games on the PS3 uses the blu-ray disc to its full potential. From the West, there are a lot of Xbox 360 owners, from the East its a bit between I believe, if they bring it to 360 and bring it to North America, they be bathing in money.

If Square-Enix is to bring this wonderful series onto the Xbox 360 after a timed exclusive for the PS3, Xbox 360 owners should be expecting it sometime 2009 – 2010. Thats 2-3 years people… Lets hope FFXIII will come to the Xbox 360 along with PS3 so the whole world is happy and there won’t be a riot at the Square-Enix building.

Xbox 360: Devil May Cry 4 in 2007?

According to IGN, Devil May Cry 4 may be out here in America late 2007. Producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi wouldn’t set himself to a release date (although a recent Capcom financial report pretty much confirmed a fiscal 2007 release).

Kobayashi promised a more advanced version of the game to this years TGS (Tokyo Game Show) at September. Hopefully a playable demo will soon be on the marketplace for Xbox 360 or PS3 after TGS.

Game is set to release in Japan December 30, 2007.

Xbox 360: Vampire Rain Demo Available

Vampire Rain which was released in Japan a while ago has a demo and is now live. Head down to the marketplace and download it now! The demo is only available on the Japan Marketplace so if your in America or elsewhere, sorry, you don’t get this demo yet. But don’t worry, you aren’t missing out on much anyway. This piece of crap calling it self a next-gen game is a joke.

I was just playing it and the enemies are like incredibly strong that knocks you down in one hit and takes 75% of your health away and while your still knocked down, they hit you again and you die. This game is impossible to play. Your weapon is incredibly weak, you’re like shooting peas at these monsters.

Either the Japanese are super pros at their games that can manage to beat these crazy hard ass games or they are just smoking something crazy over there and don’t even know how hard they are making their games. Maybe they’ve been working a bit too much on eroges and not enough on next-gen stuff.

Xbox 360: Square-Enix hates 360!

Square-Enix has confirmed again, no Final Fantasy XIII or Final Fantasy Versus XIII will be coming to the 360. According to IGN, producer Shinji Hashimoto told the Nikkei BP that the Xbox 360 isn’t going to see any Final Fantasy games for a long time. Why must Square-Enix hate 360?

If 360 owners really want to play some RPGs from Square-Enix either play Final Fantasy XI which is out now or wait until they release The Last Remnant. Now I might just have to get a PS3 to play Final Fantasy XIII… Stupid Square-Enix. Don’t come crying to Microsoft when you lose money due to lack of sales.

Xbox 360: The [email protected]

Everyone should know that The [email protected] is only available in Japan. If you wish to play it then you must mod your Xbox 360 which has a risk of being banned from LIVE services unless I’m wrong because I am still mixed up about the banning for modded Xbox 360s.

Anyway, here is a quote from Kotaku:

News bit: The producer for the Xbox 360 version said he’d be interested in bringing the game to English-speaking audiences. That is, if English audiences are interested. When I pressed about whether the Xbox 360 would hit the PS3, Namco offered “no comment.”

Hell yes I’m interested. Bring the game over to English audiences already. I hope you all are getting excited for this because I want to play the game! I’ll keep you all posted about this if any info about this game actually coming to North America is announced. Until then, we can only hope or get excited about it so Namco would bring it over here.