Xbox 360: The [email protected]

Everyone should know that The [email protected] is only available in Japan. If you wish to play it then you must mod your Xbox 360 which has a risk of being banned from LIVE services unless I’m wrong because I am still mixed up about the banning for modded Xbox 360s.

Anyway, here is a quote from Kotaku:

News bit: The producer for the Xbox 360 version said he’d be interested in bringing the game to English-speaking audiences. That is, if English audiences are interested. When I pressed about whether the Xbox 360 would hit the PS3, Namco offered “no comment.”

Hell yes I’m interested. Bring the game over to English audiences already. I hope you all are getting excited for this because I want to play the game! I’ll keep you all posted about this if any info about this game actually coming to North America is announced. Until then, we can only hope or get excited about it so Namco would bring it over here.

One thought on “Xbox 360: The [email protected]

  1. Modded 360s are getting banned from Live, from what I remember.

    That said, there’s always the option of doing what I did and get a foreign 360. I’ve been happily playing iMAS for almost five months now.

    And it’s great ^_____^

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