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Hayate no Gotoku! ED: 木の芽風

The newest ED of Hayate no Gotoku is simply wonderful. Out of all ED I like 「Get My Way!」by Mami Kawada the best. However, this one wins between the slow song between MELL’s 「Proof」 and IKU’s 「木の芽風」. This single is definitely worth a picking up once its out I’m sure just like the other Hayate no Gotoku OP/ED singles out right now.

No official date has been announced of release for this single but check Nipponsei for info on when it might be released.

Fall 2007 Preview

It’s almost back to school… its a sad, sad time for all anime watchers but good thing newer anime is coming out! So, to prepare for that here is a list of the Fall anime of 2007. The date/time in the list is not the confirmed official time and may be subject to change.

Please check MOON PHASE for entire listing of anime and air time, check AndrewLB’s Fall 2007 wiki for which fansub is subbing what. These are the only one I am currently interested and hopefully you guys will be watching these ones too. Anyway lets start shall we?

Premiere Date/Airtime in Japan are subject to change

Premiere Date: October 4th, 2007
Airtime in Japan (JST, GMT+9):Thursdays at 25:55
I guess for anyone who has played the visual novel already know what story could possibly be about. Supposedly the TV anime is an alternate retelling of the movie that was premiered in Japan theaters only. I don’t know what the story is going to be about, but I do hope its gonna be a fantastic one since it is by KEY who also did Air and Kanon visual novels. Both of those had wonderful story so I’m pretty sure CLANNAD would also have a wonderful story that would make you wish for a sequel of some sort.

Odds of me sticking with this series: Guaranteed
Blogging Plans: Previews/Review
Premiere Date: September 2nd, 2007
Airtime in Japan (JST, GMT+9):Sundays at 24:00
ARIA is probably the most beautiful series I have watched. The graphics are just so beautiful and Neo-Venezia is beautiful. Makes you want to live there. So anyway, this is probably the last sequel (I hope not) to ARIA. Akari is still trying to be a Prima like Alicia. This is one of those anime even though its a OVA that I cannot wait for. September 2nd though, thats pretty soon.

Odds of me sticking with this series: Guaranteed
Blogging Plans: Review
ef – a tale of memories
Premiere Date: October 2007
Airtime in Japan (JST, GMT+9):TBA
Another new anime based of a visual novel. I’m not going to talk too much about this one since I have no idea what this anime is possibly going to be about so no details here or anything. But I hope you will check it out anyway.

Odds of me sticking with this series: Guaranteed
Blogging Plans: Previews/Review
Sketchbook ~full color’s~
Premiere Date: October 1st, 2007
Airtime in Japan (JST, GMT+9):Mondays at 26:00
I think this might be like Hiwamari Sketch, just a group of friends who like to draw and tend to do really stupid and funny things. I actually like Hiwamari Sketch but I could never find any torrents for the next episode so I just gave up. Hopefully a fansub would be kind enough to stick with this anime and sub it long enough so that I can enjoy or it hate it, either way.

Odds of me sticking with this series: Good
Blogging Plans: Previews/Review
Rental Magica
Premiere Date: October 2007
Airtime in Japan (JST, GMT+9):TBA
A kid named Itsuka Iba inherits a “rent-a-magician” company called Astral, complete with quirky, magic-wielding employees after his father had disappeared. The kid has a freaky red right eye but he covers it with an eye patch. I just this on my Newtype USA September issue and thought it looked pretty cool with this red eye of his. Thought I might as well check it out, I wonder if this red eye of his is like a Geass. That be pretty cool.

Odds of me sticking with this series: Good
Blogging Plans: Previews/Review

Summer 2007 Anime Preview (not complete list)

  • Just to be clear this is not a complete list of what the Summer 2007 preview is going to be. Well I decide to visit AndewLB and see what anime is going to be airing in the Summer. I checked and the fourth anime on the list said School Days.
  • For those who don’t know about what School Days is, it is a game made by 0verflow. It isn’t a eroge I’m sure, it is just a visual novel similar to CLANNAD. The game was made into 6 episodes, it is really just like watching an anime. I downloaded the first episode of the game which can be found on their site.
  • The anime is going to be a 13 episode long series. But don’t worry about it being only 13 episodes long. The possibility of it having a sequel is pretty high.
  • School days is an insanely popular game in Japan, and they already have a sequel made for the game called Summer Days. Therefore, the chances for a sequel for the TV series is rather high.
  • Complete Summer 2007 Anime Preview will be posted near end of spring