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No Version 6.0 Coming

OK, for the past 24 hours I have been trying to change the blog theme yet again.  However, this theme failed big time, well actually, I failed big time at editing it.  Basically the theme I was trying to update to is Arthemia.  This theme has a bunch of features that this blog could use very well however, my editing skills is not quite up there yet so I had no clue what I was doing, as you could tell when you visit the site and wondered why is everything all over the damn place.

You’ll be glad that we have remained in Water 1.1 heavily modified by Aria theme.  After seeing Arthemia’s features, we will definitely be trying to implement it in someway into this theme if possible.  More about possible future version after the jump. Continue reading No Version 6.0 Coming

Contact Form Issues

I’ve recently realized that the contact form is being stupid as hell.  I’ve asked my friend to help me test out and it seems that the contact form doesn’t want to give me any emails from other people.  I get the email instantly when its from me when I use the contact form but it doesn’t want to work for others.

As of now, the contact form will be taken down and the contact us page will look different.  In the future when the you are signing up for the giveaways, you must send us the email manually so the email will actually get sent to us.

Moar Updates – The Migration And The Future

Right now I’m moving everything that I use onto the Macbook Pro.  I managed to get Photoshop and CuteFTP on the Macbook so that’s good that’s mainly the programs I will be needing.  I cannot get any screencapture program for the Mac so I can’t do any screenshots on this laptop nor can I get Irfanview to edit the screens.  Therefore, those programs will have to be used on the desktop still, so I guess my desktop still will be of some use until I find some sort of program like Irfanview and Fraps for the Mac.  There was a program that allows screencapture like fraps called Snapz X or something like that but it was not similar so I had no clue how to use it.

I’ll probably try to search for Irfanview for Mac if there is one.

As of tomorrow, Monday September 8th, 2008 the figure for Feena Fam Earthlight should arrive to my doors.  So expect a review of it very soon.  Future reviews that will be happening soon is the newest game from Square-Enix, Sigma Harmonics.  I have ordered the game from Play-Asia and the processing and shipping should begin on Monday and arrive on Friday of the same week so, expect 2 new reviews coming soon.

Hoo-ray Macbook Pro

As of tomorrow, I will be the proud owner of a Macbook Pro.  Why have I decided to get a Macbook Pro?  I’m going to Art Institute for Web Design and they use Macs there so I might as well.  Plus, I do not like to use my desktop for this blog.  Why?  No particular reason, it just that this desktop is more for gaming.  That being said, I will have to migrate everything onto the Macbook Pro so my FTP program, Photoshop, and other useful junk that I have for this site will have to be transfered to the laptop.  So there might be a day or two delay on posts.

As for the Feena Fam Earthlight figure, that problem has been taken care of.  The figure has been shipped as of today, err yesterday.  If EMS is really fast, assuming 1-4 days shipping, I should be able to review it this week if not, latest is Monday September 8th.

Feena Fam Earthlight Figure Review Delayed

Due to some bad packaging at Kidnemo Company, the figure was damaged during packaging.  They cannot find any more of this figure from their various supplier so the figure will no longer be shipped to me.  However, Hobby Search just happened to have the figure so an order has been made and just need to wait for it to ship.  Have to wait another week or so.

Moar Updates – 5.2.3

Another small update in just a few hours.  There was a 5.2.3 preview in the previous post and it is now up and working.  First off, the preview was just a… let’s say beta.  As you can see it is a bit different from the preview.  The color of the header has changed, and how the image is display info has changed.  After the jump this will all be explained in great detail. Continue reading Moar Updates – 5.2.3

Moar Updates – 5.2.2

Like I mentioned in 5.2.1 post, we will be doing quite a few stuff to the sidebar.  I remembered I had a photoshop concept of a website I wanted to build with the help from my friend, it was suppose to be like this site but more of a image site with the occasional manga/anime/games review thrown in from time to time.  However, that never happened.

Either way, I bring you 5.2.2, it basically has a less dull look to the sidebar.  I’m pretty sure you can notice the difference right now, eh? eh?  I knew it caught your eyes.  I’m not too crazy about Animeblogger’s header color though, couldn’t think of any other color that looks cool so I just chose pink lol.  5.2.3 will be released soon, after the jump you will see a poll for this post, the changes in 5.2.2, and a preview of 5.2.3.

Here is a list of what was changed during this little update: Continue reading Moar Updates – 5.2.2

Moar Updates – 5.2.1

This update was for the sidebar especially.  It’s nothing major, it’s just a minor update and a few fixes.  As you can see now we have added a “Latest Figure” content to the sidebar.  I added this for the readers’ convenience to know if any new figure has been added to the Upcoming Figures page of the blog.  It also made the sidebar look a lot more pretty with the help of the visual aid of the figure.  With the sidebar not being used completely and pretty much empty, in the future there might be other things added to it.  Since we use a drop down menu to categorize our pages and posts, it gives us more room in the sidebar to add things.  Before this, we actually would have a sidebar packed with text and it would drag down the blogs length and you would have to scroll down great lengths just to get to what you want.

Well anyway, here is a list of what was changed during this little update:

v5.2.1 – Minor Update/hotfix

+ Latest Figure has been added to the sidebar for readers to know if any new figures has been added via sidebar
/ Fixed several issues with the sidebar look
/ Fixed Polls having weird listed look for the Title of the poll
/ Fixed where the sidebar borders are, they are now further apart from each content so now it looks like separators
* Unable to fix Meta and Poll of the Day borders, currently working on it
* Future “Latest” or “Recent” may be added to the sidebar for readers’ convenience

5.2 – Simple And Clean


I know we just got to 5.1 but due to some reason, I got fed up with the Roundabout theme.  I guess I just don’t like the look that much.  I do like the Water 1.1 which we have been with ever since this blog has started and gone through heavy modifications by me.  Plus I really like what I can do in this theme more than Roundabout.  Roundabout had some cool stuff here and there but it was kind of hard to read I find.  Therefore, we have reverted back to Water 1.1 modded by Aria.


As you have noticed our header has been changed for this update.   I used Wagaya Oinari-sama’s Kuu Tenko who is a fox spectre in the anime but can take up human form.  The grey really goes with the white background so my font color was chosen to be grey.  After I typed it out I found out that it was really blank, then it hit me that I have some vector brushes.  I was never good at vector brushes like most people so this was my first attempt.  I think it turned out rather nice.

Drop Down Menu

Ever since we have been on Roundabout we didn’t have the ability to use the drop down menu.  Everything was on the sidebar and eventually stretched the site so much that it was a pain.  That’s why I personally like this theme better.  We updated every page, created new pages and etc.  We also created a new drop down menu to replace the Dropped Series menu.  If you still can’t spot out what it got replaced by I’ll tell you.  It has been replaced by the drop down menu “Figures“.  In the past I have attempted to do something with figures but didn’t really have the camera and figures for it.  Now that I work and have the money to purchase new figures, I can finally keep up and show you guys the newest ones.

Please tell me what you think about the new figure drop down menu and it’s pages.  Check Changelog to see what has been added/updated/removed from this update.  Enjoy your stay.

5.1 with cleaner pages!

5.1 has been released.  It should of just been a minor update but whatever.  Sidebar changes are as follows, dropped series section has been completely removed.  We have moved the series that was in that section into our new page “Dropped Series” it looks exactly like Anime List page however, it contains only the series that have been dropped.  For completed series…  Well we don’t really have a lot of those so no plans have been made for that yet.  Our newest writer, xoKaileenxo wasn’t very active and have not posted anything or written anything for us since she has joined so we have moved her as a subscriber and all her pages have been removed, which is just her journal.

Next page we have removed is the writers page.  That page wasn’t very useful in any way, I suppose what we wanted to do with that page is to let readers know how many writers we have and what they are writing but since no one is writing right now we don’t really need that page.  Music Box page has also been removed.  I enjoy music as much as the next person does but hell, uploading all those music and changing the title takes a while and the program we used sucked!

Finally, with 5.1 we have wiped the Anime List page clean, and I mean squeeky shiny clean.  It won’t be a clusterfuck anymore which is good.  Before we had about 8 series sitting in there and we weren’t doing anything.  So from now, 1-2 series per person so we can actually write them properly and whatnot.

For those who actually listen and liked our podcast, we do plan on doing more but just need to find the time.  Also if we do plan on getting more podcast out, we will probably revamp it, such as no more music being played during the break.  Apparently a few people doesn’t like the music put in and stops listening to the podcast once it hits that mark.  We’ll think about what we’re gonna do and hopefully can get those podcasts out.

Until then, be sure to check the Zero no Tsukiama ~Princess no Rondo~ episode summaries I will be writing once the series is airing and subbed.