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5.1 with cleaner pages!

5.1 has been released.  It should of just been a minor update but whatever.  Sidebar changes are as follows, dropped series section has been completely removed.  We have moved the series that was in that section into our new page “Dropped Series” it looks exactly like Anime List page however, it contains only the series that have been dropped.  For completed series…  Well we don’t really have a lot of those so no plans have been made for that yet.  Our newest writer, xoKaileenxo wasn’t very active and have not posted anything or written anything for us since she has joined so we have moved her as a subscriber and all her pages have been removed, which is just her journal.

Next page we have removed is the writers page.  That page wasn’t very useful in any way, I suppose what we wanted to do with that page is to let readers know how many writers we have and what they are writing but since no one is writing right now we don’t really need that page.  Music Box page has also been removed.  I enjoy music as much as the next person does but hell, uploading all those music and changing the title takes a while and the program we used sucked!

Finally, with 5.1 we have wiped the Anime List page clean, and I mean squeeky shiny clean.  It won’t be a clusterfuck anymore which is good.  Before we had about 8 series sitting in there and we weren’t doing anything.  So from now, 1-2 series per person so we can actually write them properly and whatnot.

For those who actually listen and liked our podcast, we do plan on doing more but just need to find the time.  Also if we do plan on getting more podcast out, we will probably revamp it, such as no more music being played during the break.  Apparently a few people doesn’t like the music put in and stops listening to the podcast once it hits that mark.  We’ll think about what we’re gonna do and hopefully can get those podcasts out.

Until then, be sure to check the Zero no Tsukiama ~Princess no Rondo~ episode summaries I will be writing once the series is airing and subbed.

Thirteen Days of Hell

Coincidence in the title? I think not… Yeah it is lol, yeah all my reviews are basically all on hold right now. I don’t know about Hanyouslayer’s reviews, if you want to ask him, fill up the contact form and ask for him specifically. Podcast is on hold until me and hanyouslayer get our new headset. I ordered mine and it should arrive later this week hopefully Friday, Hanyouslayer won his from some Microsoft bullshit and is still waiting on it. It’s been probably almost 3 weeks and still hasn’t arrived. I’m not sure if mine is a headset, it seems to be just a headphone but it says headset and has a mic jack on the USB soundcard thing so I don’t know.

We’ll still release podcasts on Sundays but we’ll do early recordings and then release the episodes on Sundays. That’s if Hanyouslayer can be on the computer on weekdays or Friday-Sunday. That being said, I don’t even know if I can be on since I have work now, but luckily, I only have to work 2 days next week. So I can definitely be on the computer to do the recordings but don’t know about Slayer.

Anywho, we may have a special surprise on the next podcast, who knows?

*Hanyouslayer’s note* Unlike some, I have been taking my Spring Break to the max! That is, all the time I am not watching my baby sisters.  Also, I have no clue when my damn mic will be comming, it said up to 12 weeks, but what can I do, it was free. I will get another one and send it to my grandparents house. Although I have neglected my reviews, I have been partying almost every day! We were all like, weeee! Anyway, I plan on doing a lot today, March 27. Sorry for the wait!

Kisaragi Podcast Episode 2 – Slice of Sunshine Pie

In this episode, we discuss on how we should do the applications to be part of Kisaragi’s Anime Blog. Hanyouslayer gives us an interesting fact about the Japan culture, what could it be? Hanyouslayer also tells us what’s going on for Shigofumi. More audio reviews, including Shugo Chara Episode 14 and BAMBOO BLADE Episode 17. Release dates of upcoming OP/ED Singles announced. Short break featuring the song 「Ringo Hiyori ~Wolf Whistling Song」. Recent Bandai Visual USA licensed anime announced then a little free discussion on anime and games.

Listen to the podcast here!

*NOTE* Due to Hanyouslayer being retarded playing the Vegeta thing where he says Over 9000, I had to cut a lot of the podcast and trying to make it seem like a continuous conversation. If there is a odd cut here and there, blame Hanyouslayer.

**NOTE NOTE, HANYOUSLAYER’S NOTE NOTE** Sorry for the horrible mic quality, I plan on ordering a new one tonight. Hopefully my new headset will get here before next week. Also, I am sorry for the oddity in the podcast, I take full responsibility for it.

Kisaragi Podcast Episode 1

This is the very first Kisaragi Podcast!

We address on why we haven’t been reviewing anime on the blog recently, mainly Aria’s and FCJC’s. Before reviewing gets started, we talk about FCJC’s position here on the blog and also the series he was covering. Hanyouslayer talks about Shugo Chara Ep 13 and Spice and Wolf Ep 3. Aria reviews BAMBOO BLADE Ep 16. We explain on why we have dropped H2O and GUNSLINGER GIRL. A Little short break featuring the song “Tabi no Tochuu”. We finish this podcast off, addressing which anime for spring we will be doing. Aria cannot tell the difference between a wolf and fox, then a watch list.

Sorry if you can hear my mouse scrolling, we’ll work on not making so much background noise next time. Be sure to send lots of fanmail regarding this podcast. If you have any questions we’ll be gladly to answer them on the podcast.

We’ve submit the podcast on iTunes but it’s taking them a while to put it up so you have to wait a bit. Once it is up, be sure to subscribe to us.

Listen to the podcast here!

Kisaragi Podcast

Sometime in the future we will soon be giving you weekly podcasts. We won’t know what we will be talking about, most likely reviews, upcoming anime, and just random news.

We’ll try to let you be able to play it through each post using the mp3 player. Otherwise, you will be able to download the mp3 file of the podcast and listen to it on another type of media player (Windows Media Player, iTunes, winamp, etc.)

Until then, we will be trying to figure out how to get this podcast to work. We are currently trying to record it and making sure it works. Once we do get this work, you can expect some audio reviews from us. So in the future, if you see a review missing, be sure to check the podcast!

Expected Date of Podcast Starting: February 24, 2008