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New Anime Starting

April 1st which is a Sunday (awesome no april fools joke going to be played on me at school) there will be a bunch of new anime that will be releasing on that day. I’m sort of excited for Hayate the Combat Butler. Just the title of that anime makes me giggle so hopefully its a good anime.

A bunch of other ones are also releasing on that day probably 10 anime or so will be on that day. You can check AndrewLB to see the spring 2007 schedule of new anime releases.

There are 2 anime that I’m interested to see that is set to release on April 1st and they are:

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No More Code Geass

The last two episodes which is episode 24 and 25 will no longer be available in spring. That means, no more episodes as of right now until Summer 2007. I don’t know why they did this but they better have a good reason to delay it for a whole season…

So next week there won’t be any Code Geass, not even those .5 episodes. This sucks I know…

I have changed the dates for the Release Date Schedule page for Code Geass.  Sorry for the early false info, but there is no more episodes!  WHY!?

Spring Anime List 2007

During spring break I was extremely bored… Bored out of my mind. So bored that I actually remembered I had some items for auction on Final Fantasy XI. (I should really start leveling my character…) Well anyway, I found a few anime but most of them turned out to be really boring. Here is a list of the ones I found so you can check them out yourself:

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Code Geass Episode 22 Missing?

I’m not too sure about this myself but there doesn’t seem to be any episode 22 raw for Code Geass on torrents.  Not on the site I go to anyway.  I don’t know if the episode wasn’t released this week or not but I need my Code Geass!

Hit Game to TV Series?

So for most of you who watched Kanon 2006 and finished it. You will know there is a 29 second trailer for the hit game in Japan called CLANNAD. This series is going to be a TV Series in Fall 2007. The art style is really similar to Kanon 2006, so I’m assuming that the staff that did Kanon is making CLANNAD.

Check ANN to make sure for yourself. Hopefully the series will be a 24+ episode long series and not some 13 episode bullcrap. Every time I watch a 13 episode series I always seem rushed and not enough has developed in the character for me to appreciate the series.

Title: CLANNAD (クラナド)

Genre: Drama, Romance

Plot Summary: Tomoya Okazaki is a third year student labelled as a delinquent. Everything seems to be unchanging for his school life until he meets Nagisa, and Tomoya finds that his life is about to change. He starts to have dreams of a bleak world and meets a girl who has the ability to fuse junk together in order to create things, and doing so, creates a body out of junk for him. He is then reborn into this empty world and follows around the girl, the only two existences who are “alive”.

Estimated Release Date: October 2007

There is also going to be a movie for this series. Same plot, although the movie is actually how the story went when it was serialized. The TV is supposedly an alternate retelling of the movie. To clarify, this is a movie not an OVA. Therefore, this movie will be premiering in Japan theaters on September 15, 2007.

News: Site Problems

I just received an email regarding, slow load times and such on the site.  I thought it was me having too much links and stuff but I thought to myself that couldn’t be right.  We are just having problems with out host and such.  Animeblogger has contacted the host and asked them about the issue.  So hopefully this will be working right again soon.  Stay tuned and I will update you guys(if there anyone even reading this blog)  if the site has been fixed and such.


Anime Title: ひまわりっ!(Himawari!)

Episodes: 26

Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Romance

Summary: Himawari Hinata recently transfered to Shinobi Gakuen to train to become the best kunoichi she can be. She wanted to be a ninja ever since she was saved by one when she was little. On her first day, she meets Hayato Madenokoji (a new transfer teacher) who saves her life. Hayato does not possess any ninja skills or traits, he is teaching the ninjas about normal society to pay off his debt. However, Himawari notices that Hayato bares the same mark on his neck as the ninja who saved her when she was young.

First Impressions: Well first off, I never liked anything about Ninjas. Ninjas are cool but Naruto never really made me want to watch it. I occasionally see it on TV and see what its like but the anime is way too stupid to me. So I never got into it, plus Naruto is such an annoying character in English. Himawari! on the other hand is the first ninja anime I found interesting. Plus seeing the art from ANN made me want to see what the anime is like. The weird thing is that the era they are in is somewhat futuristic. In the beginning you see these 2 airplane pilots wearing these awesome looking helmets and then you see Himawari in the cargo in this sphere container.

Knowing that they are in a some what futuristic time, it is weird how there are still ninjas. Stupid thing about this anime is that there is no manga! I would of loved to get my hands on the manga for this series. Since this anime isn’t adapted from any manga, it seems to be really good. I only watched 1 episode so I can’t judge it too much but so far I like it.

OP:“Taiyou no kakera” by Ryoko Shiraishi

ED:“Guruguru~Himawari ver.~” by eufonius

Update: Blog Changes

  • As you can probably see, there is a new page called Kisaragi Rotation. It is an email I have created and songs are sent to that email for you people to download. If you want to know how to get into it, please visit that page and it will tell you everything about it. Thats one new update.
  • The next change is that I decide that I will not blog episodes anymore. It is way too much hassle to me and it takes away the enjoyment of anime for me. So as from now on, I will just notify you readers news about certain animes. That way, I get to enjoy my anime and you readers get to know what’s new.
  • That is all I guess, hope you like the changes and the rotation. Sign up now!
  • Image used in today’s update – Utawarerumono

News: Haruhi Suzumiya Special Editions Announced!

Here are a list of the Haruhi Suzumiya special editions.  It will all include various goodies!


Special Edition Vol 1

  • Volume 1 of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
  • Collector’s Art Box
  • Varient CD Cover
  • Hare Hare Yukai CD
  • Double-sided Haruhi pencil board
  • Haruhi-ism iron on
  • Haruhi cosplay hair ribbon!

Retail Price of $64.98


Special Edition Vol 2

  •  Volume 2 of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
  • Varient CD Cover
  • Double-sided Haruhi pencil board
  • Haruhi-ism iron on
  • Bouken Desho Desho opening song CD
  • Haruhi’s Brigade Leader Armband

Retail Price of $59.98


Special Edition Vol 3

  • Volume 3 of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
  • Varient CD Cover
  • Double-sided Haruhi pencil board
  • Haruhi-ism iron on
  • Character Song 1 CD
  • Pillow case

Retail Price of $59.98


Special Edition Vol 4

  • Volume 4 of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
  • Varient CD Cover
  • Double-sided Haruhi pencil board
  • Haruhi-ism iron on
  • Haruhi no Tsumeawase CD
  • Pillow case

Retail Price of $59.98


I have seen the box cover for the first volume and I got to say, it looks awesome!  All sides have Haruhi art on it and the the size of it is pretty small so its amazing how they can fit all of those goodies in one box.  Be sure to visit ASOS Brigade to watch episode 005.  Remember to buy the DVD of Haruhi Suzumiya.  I am definately going to get all 4 special edition set.  I ain’t missing out on those pillow cases.