Monthly Archives: November 2007

Say Hello To 4.0

Although not much drastic changes has been made, but I still am calling it 4.0.  Even though it’s more like a 3.2.  Now the best thing and the most noticeable thing about 4.0 (3.2) is the sidebar look.  I’ve also shifted the sidebar to the left, originally its on the right.  Well thats it for the update, you can check whats changed in the changelog.

Blog Update

Sorry for the late posts and such for Shugo Chara! but I’m not exactly going to be writing each episodes anymore so episode 4 will not be completed.  I don’t have much anime to write about even though I’m watching like five different ones.  So basically, BAMBOO BLADE, Shugo Chara!, and CLANNAD will just get a review once they are finished airing.

Once Winter comes and the new anime list arrives I’ll try to find some anime that I will keep writing about episodically.  For now, I won’t really be writing much so wait until Winter 2007/2008 comes for more anime posts.