No Version 6.0 Coming

OK, for the past 24 hours I have been trying to change the blog theme yet again.  However, this theme failed big time, well actually, I failed big time at editing it.  Basically the theme I was trying to update to is Arthemia.  This theme has a bunch of features that this blog could use very well however, my editing skills is not quite up there yet so I had no clue what I was doing, as you could tell when you visit the site and wondered why is everything all over the damn place.

You’ll be glad that we have remained in Water 1.1 heavily modified by Aria theme.  After seeing Arthemia’s features, we will definitely be trying to implement it in someway into this theme if possible.  More about possible future version after the jump.

The thing we liked about Arthemia was the Featured box.  I had edited to read Reviews so any posts under the category Reviews the post will be shown there.  It’s basically what we have with Recent Reviews in the sidebar however it just looks nicer in Arthemia the way it’s done.  Currently our Recent Reviews section is actually not done by any scripts.  It does not automatically update, I actually have to go to our Sidebar.php and edit the code in there.  The images are also created by me for the section, so it takes a lot of time and it’s a pain in the ass.  We’ll try to do something about it but don’t count on it.

So far, VER 5.2 has been a steady version, by steady as in everything is functioning properly, nothing is acting all weird and junk.  Anything new we added has been working the way we wanted to so that’s a good thing.  So the chance of a 6.0 arriving is about… 5%.  A 5.X update is about 80% right now depends on what problem I find and how fast I find it.  I won’t bore you with anymore talk about updating this site’s theme and features for a while, just enjoy reading whatever the hell we have on here.