Xbox 360: Final Fantasy XIII may go multi-platform?

Although this is not officially confirmed by Square-Enix themselves. A lot of questions about whether FFXIII will be going multi-platform or not. The Final Fantasy series so far as always been on one platform and that is Sony’s PS. Square-Enix is now in a pickle of rather to put FXIII on Xbox 360 and PS3 or keep it a PS3 exclusive and keep with the tradition of it being only on one system.

So what do you guys think? Should Square-Enix put this great game into multi-platform, or let the Xbox 360 owners suffer and hope this game saves Sony?

Here is my opinion, bring it to the 360. Not trying to burn Sony into the ground from this last chance of hope along side with Metal Gear Solid 4 but why not bring FFXIII onto the 360 along with PS3? What harm could it possibly do except increase the sale of the game from Xbox 360 owners. The only issue is that the graphics can be so well done that it requires blu-ray but so far, no games on the PS3 uses the blu-ray disc to its full potential. From the West, there are a lot of Xbox 360 owners, from the East its a bit between I believe, if they bring it to 360 and bring it to North America, they be bathing in money.

If Square-Enix is to bring this wonderful series onto the Xbox 360 after a timed exclusive for the PS3, Xbox 360 owners should be expecting it sometime 2009 – 2010. Thats 2-3 years people… Lets hope FFXIII will come to the Xbox 360 along with PS3 so the whole world is happy and there won’t be a riot at the Square-Enix building.

7 thoughts on “Xbox 360: Final Fantasy XIII may go multi-platform?

  1. Um for one thing it… X-box 360 has a different look to it than the Play Station 3. it wouldn’t have the Final Fantasy feeling to it. with all the buttons being different and all…

  2. how is it different buttons?
    same number of buttons just different names for them
    and the stick is moved on a 360, thats really the only difference other than size, but this is a must be ps3 exclusive

  3. as long as they keep the excellent HD graphics i don’t mind if they put it on 360, PC, or even a DS… (well, about that last one, i take it back :P)

  4. Personally, I believe Final Fantasy should say on Playstation only. *the selfish reason being I don’t own a 360* but more importantly, if it were brought onto the 360 console, sure, there would be a lot of sales from that, but there are so many devoted fans who would be willing to buy a PS3 just to play FF. While it could be a good move for Square Enix, they have been with Sony for so long, it would almost be a betrayal and by making FF a multi-platformer I think in the end it would spell out doom for the future of the Playstation console.

  5. well although it would be nice to stay with sony, but if you remember, Final Fantasy used to be on Nintendo haha. so i mean even though they’ve been with sony for awhile now, they didn’t start out with them.

  6. As far as i am aware Final Fantasy XI was only released on one seventh generation console and that was the XBOX 360. So this argument is kind of done and dusted back in April 20, 2006 when XI was released in Japan.

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