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Summer 2007 Anime Preview (not complete list)

  • Just to be clear this is not a complete list of what the Summer 2007 preview is going to be. Well I decide to visit AndewLB and see what anime is going to be airing in the Summer. I checked and the fourth anime on the list said School Days.
  • For those who don’t know about what School Days is, it is a game made by 0verflow. It isn’t a eroge I’m sure, it is just a visual novel similar to CLANNAD. The game was made into 6 episodes, it is really just like watching an anime. I downloaded the first episode of the game which can be found on their site.
  • The anime is going to be a 13 episode long series. But don’t worry about it being only 13 episodes long. The possibility of it having a sequel is pretty high.
  • School days is an insanely popular game in Japan, and they already have a sequel made for the game called Summer Days. Therefore, the chances for a sequel for the TV series is rather high.
  • Complete Summer 2007 Anime Preview will be posted near end of spring