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CLANNAD OP & ED Single Released

As of yesterday, October 26, the OP & ED Single for CLANNAD released. I got the single and I have told you, the readers of this blog, that the TV OP and the movie OP are the same song. I sort of find it unnecessary to release this single.

Why? 「メグメル ~frequency⇒e Ver.~」 and 「メグメル ~cuckool mix 2007~」 are the same songs. They should of just released the ED separate and just put stickers on the 「メグメル ~frequency⇒e Ver.~」 saying that its the same as the TV OP.

So really the only reason you would want to get this single is to get the ED song if you have the movie OP single already.

This single features:

  • メグメル ~cuckool mix 2007~
  • だんご大家族
  • メグメル ~cuckool mix 2007~ – TV animation ver. –
  • だんご大家族 – TV animation ver.-
  • メグメル ~cuckool mix 2007~ – off vocal ver. –
  • だんご大家族 – off vocal ver. –
  • 少女の幻想 ZTS Remix

You’ll get your moneys worth if you don’t have the movie OP already but if you do then, I guess you are paying a little extra just for the ED song and the bonus song by riya. Either way, the songs are great definitely worth a buy.

I’m not providing any links for the torrent to this single. If you must pirate it, check for links at the Community section of the sidebar.

click image to view CD.

Feature: CLANNAD OP Release Date

The release date for the OP single for CLANNAD is October 26, mark it on your e-calendars or something. But as I have said before in my Feature: CLANNAD Preview, the OP used in it is the same as the movie OP. The Movie OP is called 「メグメル ~frequency⇒e Ver.~」 the TV OP is called 「メグメル ~cuckool mix 2007~」 but they sound exactly the same, believe me I played the ~frequency⇒e Ver.~ and played the OP for the TV to see if its they sounded the same.

They both sound the same but just have a different title for some reason. Unless they had a little beat change or something but I’m 100% certain that they are the same song just with a different title. If you want the OP single now, go to Tokyo Toshokan and search up CLANNAD it should come up. If you rather wait for the TV OP Single which is the same, you people have to wait until the 26th for it to release. It will be available to you from Nipponsei or EAC.

Image on the left is not the OP Single cover art