Weird ass anime starts October 2008! I have not played or read anything about CHAOS;HEAD so everything is new to me about this series.  I know that the game is by Nitroplus, the same company that did Jingai Makyo Chaos Gate.  Apparently this is one of their recent titles too, not as recent as Sumaga but still close.  CHAOS;HEAD game was first released in April 2008, wonder why this one got turned into an anime and not Jingai Makiyo when Ignis is quite popular among the figure collector scene.

From what I gathered from Wikipedia, CHAOS;HEAD is about murder and these people seem to know that it’s going to happen before it happens.  On Wiki it says:

The story begins on September 28 with Takumi talking to an online friend named Grim (グリム, Gurimu). Grim is trying to bring Takumi up to speed about the recent New Generation events since Takumi is not interested local or international news. A person named Shōgun (将軍, Shōgun) joins the chat room midway through Grim and Takumi’s conversation but he does not respond despite being greeted by both Grim and Takumi. Grim sends Takumi a poorly drawn image of a person getting stabbed with several stakes. Grim claims that it is an image of the victim before leaving.

After Grim leaves the chat room, Shōgun finally starts to talk. He sends Takumi a barrage of several image links depicting a murder like Grim’s image except that these images appeared to be real images. The next day, as Takumi was heading home after spending the afternoon at an Internet cafe, he comes across the same scene that he witnessed yesterday in Shōgun’s pictures. He sees a male body nailed to the wall as well as a pink-haired girl dressed in Suimei Academy’s uniform covered in blood.

It certainly sounds interesting and I’ll definitely watch it just for amusement. Unfortunately, the chance of this getting reviewed on the blog will remain Sketchy. Sketchy still has a chance of it showing up on the blog.  We’ll see what happens after the first episodes.  Catch the first episodes on October 9th, 2008.


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