Xbox 360: Vampire Rain Demo Available

Vampire Rain which was released in Japan a while ago has a demo and is now live. Head down to the marketplace and download it now! The demo is only available on the Japan Marketplace so if your in America or elsewhere, sorry, you don’t get this demo yet. But don’t worry, you aren’t missing out on much anyway. This piece of crap calling it self a next-gen game is a joke.

I was just playing it and the enemies are like incredibly strong that knocks you down in one hit and takes 75% of your health away and while your still knocked down, they hit you again and you die. This game is impossible to play. Your weapon is incredibly weak, you’re like shooting peas at these monsters.

Either the Japanese are super pros at their games that can manage to beat these crazy hard ass games or they are just smoking something crazy over there and don’t even know how hard they are making their games. Maybe they’ve been working a bit too much on eroges and not enough on next-gen stuff.