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Games Day (Maybe?)

Slayer and I may hold a games day, which means you get to play with us at Call of Duty 4 (PC).  We would definitely love for this to happen but I think Slayer will only let this happen is if we get enough people to come aboard.  If you wish to talk to either of us, we have Skype so feel free to add us on Skype.  Our Skype info are:

  • Aria – aria28
  • Hanyouslayer -  hanyouslayer

If this Games Day do happen, we may have prizes in the future.  It won’t be something very expensive or very cheap.  Maybe a free copy of an anime DVD or a copy of a game.  Possible example for a game might be Final Fantasy XIII and for anime DVD whatever is newest and has a special edition I suppose.  Of course none of this is very well thought out like, how will prizes be won and such.  Plus the chance of these Games Day happening is very low due to the fact barely anyone reads this site.  Maybe a few glances but no regulars.

Well, we will see how this goes and if we can get some Games Day to happen and possibly more games than just Call of Duty 4 because I think that’s the only game slayer and I have.  If we do get this to become a monthly thing possibly weekly, and have some regulars coming to join us, we will definitely have prizes.  Before we set any dates and what server we will be playing on, we need to be certain that people will actually come join us.  So just leave us a comment or talk to me and slayer on Skype.  I’ll be leaving my Skype on from now on.  Slayer doesn’t use skype regularly so contacting him will be harder than contacting me.

This concludes our Games Day post and hopefully this will happen and getting you guys some prizes.