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Animes Licensed by ADV

In the licensing update article in Newtype July 2007 issue, there are several anime that are listed in here and one of them was Xenosaga. I never even knew Xenosaga was made into an anime. Other licensed anime are, Welcome to the NHK!, Pumpkin Scissors, The Wallflower, and Red Garden. These are licensed but none of these are going to be coming out anytime soon. Here is a little list to make it a little clear of what is licensed.

  • Xenosaga the Animation
  • Pumpkin Scissors
  • Welcome to the NHK!
  • Red Garden
  • The Wallflower
  • Innocent Venus
  • Air TV

Bad, Newtype, Bad!

Today, I got my July 2007 issue of Newtype USA in the mail. This issue they got Haruhi for the cover which is awesome because so far in the previous issues the cover are really weird and boring, except for the October 2006 issue.

Although the cover is Haruhi there was nothing inside like a centerfold poster or something, no, it just gave me a big fat spoiler to the anime. I already seen the anime so I didn’t read it but I mean c’mon, spoiling the anime already when it just released?

Newtype did get a new look on the pages which looks really nice much better than the previous issues or original look, it looked more modern and techy. Thats one thing they did good on this issue and hopefully future issues if they keep with this design. My problem is, my free DVD. I open it up shake it a little no DVD dropped out. I have contacted the customer service about… 3 hours ago, I even went downstairs to watch The Da Vinci Code.

Finally, Air TV was featured in this issue and instead of the DVD being released in July like it says on their official site it is now August. I’m not sure which one to trust. If its July, great I can get it at the anicon in August, but if it comes out in August then I hope it releases before the anicon starts.

Air TV Official Site Up

I’m not sure when this site was actually up but I just found out about it today this morning. I also found out that the DVD for volume 1 will be on sale on July 24, 2007. They were having a preorder discount, they dropped 10 dollars but when i refreshed the page it was gone…

To get to the official site and watch the trailer just click on the web banner below.