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Inmates does Hare Hare Yukai

If you aren’t familiar with the inmates in the Philippines dancing to Thriller, you might want to go to youtube and search for that video. It was quite entertaining and weird… Whats even more weird is that the inmates this time is doing Haruhi. Too bad its filmed at night time so its black and white.

This prison scares me. Never do anything illegal in the Philippines or you will regret it.

Haruhi-ism For Everyone!

As mentioned just not too long ago, Haruhi is very very popular (note bold and underline). Not only did she invade the PSP with her craziness in trying to find aliens, time travelers, or even ESPers, she even invaded the #1 system that causes injuries… The Nintendo Wii.

Yes, the Nintendo Wii. Now how would this game work for a Nintendo Wii? I have no clue but damn she is everywhere. Oh thats right, did I forget to mention that she has also invaded the PS2 as well?

I actually wouldn’t be surprised if half of Japan is in a cult and currently worshiping a 2D character right now. Sure Haruhi is awesome but this is a bit overboard.

Haruhi Hits the Small Screens

Just how popular is Haruhi getting? From otakus learning the tricky dance of Hare Hare Yukai to major reference usage in animes and now a game. This game will be produced by none other than Bandai Namco.

No idea what this game will be like but sadly I don’t have a PSP if I knew this was coming, I would of kept my PSP… Well the official website will be up in July 10th, and the game should be released sometime this year.

God… I hope a second season for Haruhi gets announced soon.