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Weird Erotic iPhone Games

I bring you… 2 weird Japanese erotic games for your iphone or ipod touch.  Sorry, old ipods, you’re gonna have to miss out on this one.  This is definitely NSFW so do not view these at work, well don’t view these 2 URL after the jump on a desktop browser because they will not work unless your screen is touch I think.  Anywho, these are all browser based and can be easily access on your iphone and ipod touch without having to pay any fees to download or having to download.  The first game featuers a character from Strike Witches and the second is Yuno from Hidamarki Sketch apparently she gets Japanese people horny, I always thought she is just a clumsy cute girl from a really funny anime but look at what these Japanese people have turned her into…  You may continue reading this post IF you are 18 or older, otherwise, move along there’s nothing to see here. Continue reading Weird Erotic iPhone Games

[email protected] SP for PSP

I didn’t think this day was going to come but it did!  [email protected] on a Sony platform, more specifically, the PSP.  Back then the only way to play an [email protected] game was either at the arcade in Japan or on the Xbox 360.  Unlike the PS3 however, 360 has a region lock so even importing a copy wouldn’t do you any good unless you mod it or had a Japanese Xbox 360.

I don’t know about you guys but hell, I can’t wait to try this game out.  It looks amazing even for a PSP.  I mean on 360 yeah I bet it looks all nice with its HD graphics but there wasn’t really any way of playing it here in North America, plus this is portable!  Take your IDOLs anywhere and have them sing 「Go My Way」 hoo-ray!

Final Fantasy XIII Officially On 360

Like I said in the past about my FFXIII going multiplatform, I guess I was correct after all. During the Microsoft Press Conference at the E3 Media and Business Summit, they showed a trailer, with the words “Cocoon – A paradise crafted by the inscrutable fal’Cie some thirteen centuries past.” Then it turned out to be a trailer for Final Fantasy XIII. At the end of this trailer, it says Final Fantasy XIII on Xbox 360 US and Europe.

With this, Final Fantasy XIII will now have a simultaneous release with the PS3 and in US and Europe, at the same time! OMG! How is this game going to look on the 360? Probably just the same as the PS3 or maybe a bit lowered graphics. Although the 360 is also getting this title, there has been no confirmation of rather Final Fantasy Versus XIII will be coming to the 360 as well. So for now, it’s a PS3 exclusive.

More Episodes Tomorrow! I promise!

I realize that I planned on finishing Rental Magica last night, and I worked on it all day, only two more until the end of the series, but I went on Call Of Duty 4 and lost track of time. I mean, you all can relate right, COD4 consumes time and never gives it back. I plan on getting up early tomorrow to crank out the last few, and I also plan on doing some Shugo Chara and Spice and Wolf. I already have a few reviews done, I just need the screenshots. Anywho, I do apologize, and I will get on it tomorrow. I don’t want Spring Break to be over! I wonder if ARIA will ever start reviewing again, you can blame him for my laziness if you would like, which you would ^^

Also, why don’t you people ever leave comments? I mean, ARIA is kinda lame lol, but I am willing to respond and take criticism. I would like to see people that drop by leave a note or whatnot, but it’s all good I guess, as long as you come to see me, read some reviews, or listen to the podcasts. Check out the Wolf’s Whistling Song in the music box, it’s pretty cool.

Chocobo no Fushigina Dungeon Toki Wasure no Meikyuu

Seeing as how we haven’t really been posting anything for a few days. I would like to share this with you. I found out about this while looking at Gametrailers.

It was a preview video but it showed a lot of this game and it actually looks like its going to be a decent title. I haven’t played any of the Chocobo games but this one might be my first.

I say might because, first I will definitely pick it up, second there hasn’t been a North America release announced and its only available in Japan currently.

Unless you have a Japan Wii, great have fun with this title and tell me how it is. I don’t know if this is anything new to this series but, the chocobo gets job classes like FFXI.

You can change your job just like FFXI, you can be a Fighter, Mage, or Thief. There is also some new job introduced but the preview video only mentioned Jester.

Set in the world of Ville in the City of Forgotten Time, the plot revolves around Final Fantasy characters Chocobo and Cid. With the help of a character named Raphael who is able to create the Labyrinth of Memories, the duo attempts to recover the lost memories of the City’s residents. – Wikipedia

Now, that doesn’t sound like a very interesting story right now but I’m pretty sure there is a lot of stuff happening in there if you were to actually play the game. I’m hoping to game to be translated soon and get here to North America sometime in the Summer of 2008. However, this game is recent and was just released on Decemeber 13, 2007 so getting it here to North America might be a while. Hoping to be Summer 2008 though.

If you have a Wii, I think this title is definitely worth a checking out once it is released here in North America.

Guilty Gear 2: Overture

Got a 360 but want to play Guilty Gear? Well, at TGS, Guilty Gear 2: Overture trailer was shown and features some interesting gameplay. The best thing is, its coming for the 360! They have changed from their 2D style to a 3D style. I wouldn’t say they totally ruined the game by doing this but it seems like you will be playing the game like Dynasty Warriors. You have body guards, kill a bunch of NPC enemies and eventually, you’ll meet up with a Guilty Gear 2 main character such as Valentine (shown above). Sol Badguy is still in this one so is Ky Kiske. I’m not sure about the others like Bridget, Millia, Johnny, etc.

Wikipedia gives off the current list of characters for this new Guilty Gear and it includes:

  • Sol
  • Ky Kiske
  • Sin
  • Valentine
  • Dr. Paradigm
  • Izuna

This seems to be a Xbox 360 exclusive right now, maybe Sony will get it too but for now, it only lists Xbox 360 having this title.