Monthly Archives: September 2008

Contact Form Issues

I’ve recently realized that the contact form is being stupid as hell.  I’ve asked my friend to help me test out and it seems that the contact form doesn’t want to give me any emails from other people.  I get the email instantly when its from me when I use the contact form but it doesn’t want to work for others.

As of now, the contact form will be taken down and the contact us page will look different.  In the future when the you are signing up for the giveaways, you must send us the email manually so the email will actually get sent to us.

Weird Erotic iPhone Games

I bring you… 2 weird Japanese erotic games for your iphone or ipod touch.  Sorry, old ipods, you’re gonna have to miss out on this one.  This is definitely NSFW so do not view these at work, well don’t view these 2 URL after the jump on a desktop browser because they will not work unless your screen is touch I think.  Anywho, these are all browser based and can be easily access on your iphone and ipod touch without having to pay any fees to download or having to download.  The first game featuers a character from Strike Witches and the second is Yuno from Hidamarki Sketch apparently she gets Japanese people horny, I always thought she is just a clumsy cute girl from a really funny anime but look at what these Japanese people have turned her into…  You may continue reading this post IF you are 18 or older, otherwise, move along there’s nothing to see here. Continue reading Weird Erotic iPhone Games

Moar Updates – The Migration And The Future

Right now I’m moving everything that I use onto the Macbook Pro.  I managed to get Photoshop and CuteFTP on the Macbook so that’s good that’s mainly the programs I will be needing.  I cannot get any screencapture program for the Mac so I can’t do any screenshots on this laptop nor can I get Irfanview to edit the screens.  Therefore, those programs will have to be used on the desktop still, so I guess my desktop still will be of some use until I find some sort of program like Irfanview and Fraps for the Mac.  There was a program that allows screencapture like fraps called Snapz X or something like that but it was not similar so I had no clue how to use it.

I’ll probably try to search for Irfanview for Mac if there is one.

As of tomorrow, Monday September 8th, 2008 the figure for Feena Fam Earthlight should arrive to my doors.  So expect a review of it very soon.  Future reviews that will be happening soon is the newest game from Square-Enix, Sigma Harmonics.  I have ordered the game from Play-Asia and the processing and shipping should begin on Monday and arrive on Friday of the same week so, expect 2 new reviews coming soon.

Hoo-ray Macbook Pro

As of tomorrow, I will be the proud owner of a Macbook Pro.  Why have I decided to get a Macbook Pro?  I’m going to Art Institute for Web Design and they use Macs there so I might as well.  Plus, I do not like to use my desktop for this blog.  Why?  No particular reason, it just that this desktop is more for gaming.  That being said, I will have to migrate everything onto the Macbook Pro so my FTP program, Photoshop, and other useful junk that I have for this site will have to be transfered to the laptop.  So there might be a day or two delay on posts.

As for the Feena Fam Earthlight figure, that problem has been taken care of.  The figure has been shipped as of today, err yesterday.  If EMS is really fast, assuming 1-4 days shipping, I should be able to review it this week if not, latest is Monday September 8th.