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CLANNAD English Translation Screenshots

The people who are doing the translations have not stopped yet and not about to give up. I haven’t checked back for any info on the translation but I just did it now and on March 1st 2008, they released some screenshots of their progress. It looks like its going well and hopefully it will be released this Summer if not this Winter or next Spring.

Here is the link to the screenshot page of their project in progress:

Be sure to keep checking back here or their site for updates on this wonderful project. I downloaded the CLANNAD game before in Japanese and I believe it was 2GB. So you may want to download it and burn it on to a DVD or something and wait for the project to be finished and released.

CLANNAD English Translations

CLANNAD has been one of Key’s most popular titles in the visual novel genre. I have not seen any CLANNAD CG sets so I’m not sure if there is any sexual content in it but supposedly it has a really good story.

For those who are interested in visual novels such as CLANNAD but sadly can’t read Japanese or your computer isn’t Japanese and the kanji doesn’t show when playing, don’t worry. Baka-Tsuki which is a translation team has put CLANNAD visual novel has one of their active projects since January 22, 2007. The latest announcement was on May 17 which says Tomoyo’s route is 53% complete.

If you want to help with the translation project visit their wiki site which is Clannad – Baka-Tsuki. I don’t see why translation companies only do eroges and not visual novels. I think visual novels will sell quite well here in North America since there are quite a few people I know that really wanna play CLANNAD or other ones like Little Busters!

Lets wish Baka-Tsuki luck on translating this and hope they don’t give up and finish soon. There is no estimated date of when it should be complete but my estimate date should be Spring/Summer 2008.