Xbox 360: [email protected] May Arrive to North America?

Again, not a confirmed thing by Bandai Namco but today, a mysterious thing happened on the Xbox 360 Marketplace. I got home went on and see if we have the new War Tech: Senko no Ronde gamer pictures in. I checked and in Japanese was The [email protected] gamer pictures.

I was like “Uh oh, looks like someone made a mistake putting this here.” Then I went to Major Nelson’s blog and checked to see that they actually did want to put The [email protected] gamer picture in the US marketplace. What does this mean?

  • We might actually get [email protected] here now because a few people on Major Nelson’s blog were asking if its actually coming here.
  • Or, MS just felt that we should get some gamer pictures of a Japan only game just to toy with our feelings of never getting this game.

If this comes to America, hello [email protected], bye-bye Assassin’s Creed.