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Giveaway Issues

I’m not sure if anyone has entered the Disgaea 3 giveaway since we haven’t been receiving any emails.  However, if you did sign up we have not received anything.  This could be because we did say you do not need to enter a message so gmail might have thought it was spam or just crap and doesn’t even bother receiving it.

So from now on, when entering our giveaways please make sure your message is your name and address.  Thanks.  Anyone who signed up, you may resend an entry.

ARIA The ANIMATION Season 1 DVD Giveaway

Righstuf the company that licensed ARIA The ANIMATION has put up their official website for this series. It’s a very nice website, and the trailer is up for you to view. Too bad the trailer is just clips of the anime with the OP so we don’t get to hear the dub yet. Hopefully they pick a very good cast to voice Alice Carroll, the only coolest character in this anime, Alicia Florence is cool too. I just happened to have a 1/8 Scale PVC figure of her on my desk right now lol.

Rightstuf has decided to release the entire season 1 in one DVD collection. I don’t know if they mean by 1 single DVD which is unlikely or it would just be a complete box set and no individual DVDs would be sold. That means you will get 3 DVDs and the art box which isn’t such a bad deal. A complete box set right away, and if you pre-order right now, the price is $37.49.

And since we are such nice people here at Kisaragi’s Anime Blog, we are going to give away 2 ARIA The ANIMATION Season 1 DVD Collection. Before signing up for this giveaway, please view the Contest/Giveaway Rules first. Sign ups will end once the DVD is released which is on September 30th, 2008.

Official Website: