Monthly Archives: May 2008


The PV for Muramasa☆ 「SWINGING」, OP for Tower of Druaga. I love it, I cannot wait for the single. The single releases on May 28th along with the ED single to Tower of Druaga. The OP/ED may be on the same CD similar to what CLANNAD did with theirs. If that’s the case, there is a low chance of it having a c/w. I know CLANNAD did have a c/w with theirs, it was called 「少女の幻想 ZTS Remix」.

Aria’s Review Delays

Yeah we haven’t been doing anything on this site, we know, I don’t know what Slayer is doing but I’m pretty sure he’s busy with his new Facebook account!  We both have facebook accounts because we are that cool lol.  So I’m going to be building a new computer soon and I will have to reinstall a bunch of programs, especially our blogging programs like our FTP program and our podcast program.  They will probably take a few minutes to download and install but setting them up takes some time and I have to find out the account name and password for the FTP for our site.

New computer = no blog programs on computer = no reviews, no podcasts, no music to upload = Sad face!

If I get all the parts for the computer, I will try to build it as soon as possible and start setting up programs and whatnot for it so I can start blogging again, even though we haven’t done anything for weeks.