Version 5.0 Released!

Version 5.0 has been released today, and is looking very nice. This theme was completely modified by Aria (Me). Although I had no idea what each code did, it did not stop me. I test out what each code does and change then just keep fooling around with every bit of code and managed to get things right.

This time however, very minor modification were made. To keep the look we originally had similar to Water 1.1, I had to open up the codes from Water 1.1 and just copied it directly to this theme and it looks just about right. We have some minor modification that still need to be done but those feature will be available in later updates to this theme.

Hardest part to modify on this theme was the sidebar. Since the title for each sidebar is a .gif or .jpeg or .png or whatever, there is was no way of me just making the sidebar titles looking like that using widgets. Luckily I found the font that the creator used and just created my own title images (Navigation, Subscribe, Author’s Journal, etc.) This makes it look consistent and nice without having half looking Arial text and the rest looking like the theme font.

Finally, the sizes of the blog has been changed from 1015px to 1013px to make the whole page and the banner be even. The text “article” however is now pushed to the very edge and can be very hard to read a bit. We will work on that and hopefully fix it in the upcoming update.

If you wish to read what has been changed just …continue reading – Version 5.0 Released!

// Version 5.0 Patchnotes //

+ Complete overhaul to the blog’s layout/theme
+ Drop down menus have been removed, sidebar is now back
+ Thumbnail images now have 1px white borders surrounding it just like Water 1.1
+ No problems should happen since this theme has been coded twice as better than Water 1.1
– Removed Miku clock
– Removed Random Topics section
– Removed Marquee
– Removed mp3 player below header, only available back in Version 4.3 in Water 1.1 theme
/ Changed footer font from Times New Roman to Arial
/ Changed footer content

6 thoughts on “Version 5.0 Released!

  1. wow you sure like to keep changing your layouts allot hehe, I’m still modifying my layout but seeing this layout on your blog and Yukans blog gave me a good idea about the search bar. Though I’ve seen similar search bars on other sites I think I’ma modify my new layout to include something similar.

  2. Well, the theme we had used was used since the blog started with modifications made to it. I felt it’s time for a change, and I really like this new theme.

  3. I think the current banner is great, I’m not sure of the artist but I have the rozen maiden wallpaper somewhere and it certainly is a great piece of work. By the way I think your titles could use some padding on the left, looks kinda squished having it right next to the left border.

  4. Yeah, I’m working on fixing that. I also need to move the sidebar stuff a little bit higher so it aligns with the content title.

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