Update Complete!

Hoo-ray the modification to this site is complete for the moment. The layout has changed drastically as you can see. Please view the Update Notes page to see its change log. I hope you enjoy the new look as much as I do and if you have any further questions about this blog at its current state feel free to contact me by filling out the contact form in the Contact Me page.

2 thoughts on “Update Complete!

  1. Nice new layout, I like your logo especially hehe, I’ll be updating my layout soon and I think my sites gonna look messed up for a lil while too lol. There is one thing I have noticed about your layout that I think needs to be tweaked, wherever I look I can’t find the home button lol, the button that takes me to the main section of your webpage. Lots of sites have the banner linking to the main site so it is easily accessible, I think I might make my new layout with that feature too. Oh and one more thing when I go visit posts like this one it seems this main content section isn’t stretching to the bottom, kinda looks awkward as the sidebar does do that. 🙂

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