true tears – 01

OP Sequence:

OP: 「リフレクティア」 (Reflectia) by eufonius

Episode Summary: Shin tries to work on story, but he wants to draw a more gentle story. He goes downstairs to see Hiromi on the computer and wonders what she is up too. Hiromi is Shin’s classmate ever since middle school. When her father, a friend of Shin’s dad passed away, Shin’s family took her in. At the school next day everyone works hard during the fitness test especially Hiromi who out runs all the other girls. At the end of the day, he meets Noe high on top of a tree who cant seem to get down and jumps off and lands on him.

Noe is awfully weird and tries to get food for chickens who is locked up in a cage who wants to fly. For people who just met each other, they insult each other making her storm off after cursing him. Noe just moved here last year with a weird rumor like if she whitsles a pink elephant appears out of no where and one time she once cursed a guy so small that it couldnt be of use anymore.

After his Mugiha dancing lessons, he spents time with Ai, his senior who is a year older than him. They get in a awkward situation causing her to slap him in the head because even though she shows that she’s worried about him he turns around giving her an attitude. When Miyakichi comes to visit Ai he leaves because he doesn’t want to get in the way of them. When he returns home, he realizes he stinks and goes into the bathroom only to find Hiromi getting ready for a bath and he returns upstairs to make a chicken out of a tissue box that he gives to Noe later.

During breakfast, Shin gets interrupted when his mom comes in to question him about a letter from Tokyo. She opens the letter in both Shin and his father’s dismay and argues that he should follow after his father’s work and not plan anything behind his back and causes Shin to storm off. At school when he gives the chicken to Noe, she gets very excited and praises him because it’s such a great gift.

They decide to go see the chickens again but they find that the cage was broken in by a raccoon and the only chicken left was the one that couldn’t fly. They leave and start walking home while Noe walks on top of the railing and sings a song about Shin. Even though something terrible happened to the chickens she cares for she tries to cover her sadness by making a song and acting all cheerful but in reality she’s actually very very sad and that she gave her tears away.

ED Sequence:

ED: 「セカイノナミダ」 (Sekai no Namida) by 結城アイラ (Yuki Aira)