Thirteen Days of Hell

Coincidence in the title? I think not… Yeah it is lol, yeah all my reviews are basically all on hold right now. I don’t know about Hanyouslayer’s reviews, if you want to ask him, fill up the contact form and ask for him specifically. Podcast is on hold until me and hanyouslayer get our new headset. I ordered mine and it should arrive later this week hopefully Friday, Hanyouslayer won his from some Microsoft bullshit and is still waiting on it. It’s been probably almost 3 weeks and still hasn’t arrived. I’m not sure if mine is a headset, it seems to be just a headphone but it says headset and has a mic jack on the USB soundcard thing so I don’t know.

We’ll still release podcasts on Sundays but we’ll do early recordings and then release the episodes on Sundays. That’s if Hanyouslayer can be on the computer on weekdays or Friday-Sunday. That being said, I don’t even know if I can be on since I have work now, but luckily, I only have to work 2 days next week. So I can definitely be on the computer to do the recordings but don’t know about Slayer.

Anywho, we may have a special surprise on the next podcast, who knows?

*Hanyouslayer’s note* Unlike some, I have been taking my Spring Break to the max! That is, all the time I am not watching my baby sisters.  Also, I have no clue when my damn mic will be comming, it said up to 12 weeks, but what can I do, it was free. I will get another one and send it to my grandparents house. Although I have neglected my reviews, I have been partying almost every day! We were all like, weeee! Anyway, I plan on doing a lot today, March 27. Sorry for the wait!