Summer 2007 Anime Preview (not complete list)

  • Just to be clear this is not a complete list of what the Summer 2007 preview is going to be. Well I decide to visit AndewLB and see what anime is going to be airing in the Summer. I checked and the fourth anime on the list said School Days.
  • For those who don’t know about what School Days is, it is a game made by 0verflow. It isn’t a eroge I’m sure, it is just a visual novel similar to CLANNAD. The game was made into 6 episodes, it is really just like watching an anime. I downloaded the first episode of the game which can be found on their site.
  • The anime is going to be a 13 episode long series. But don’t worry about it being only 13 episodes long. The possibility of it having a sequel is pretty high.
  • School days is an insanely popular game in Japan, and they already have a sequel made for the game called Summer Days. Therefore, the chances for a sequel for the TV series is rather high.
  • Complete Summer 2007 Anime Preview will be posted near end of spring

4 thoughts on “Summer 2007 Anime Preview (not complete list)

  1. “It isn’t a eroge I’m sure, it is just a visual novel similar to CLANNAD.”

    Sorry, but as far as I know, it IS an eroge.

  2. Yes, they all die in the end but another School Days can be made. Since the game had multiple endings (bloody ones were most popular) they can easily do an alternate retelling. As I mentioned in that post, they do have a sequel game called SummerDays so you can never be sure whats going to happen with this messed up series with crazy girls and where 1 man manages to tap all the ladies.

  3. errr… but in the anime there is no other endings… maybe an ova could be possible made (and there is one) but I don’t believe that another season can come… and is an eroge…

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