Spice And Wolf – 02

Episode Summary: As Horo and Lawrence take a slight break on the road, Horo states that her ears can overhear oncoming disasters and differentiate between truth and deceit. While talking, Horo kills a flea and Lawrence tells her it is to be expected of her high quality fur; although he meant the pelts they sleeps on, she took it as a compliment. As a downpour commences, they take refuge in a church, and in order to keep Horo’s identity safe, he tells the priest that she has burns on her face. When they dry off in their room, they decide that they should keep the grains of Horo’s wheat in a small pouch, so she will always have it. Horo teases Lawrence about his beard, stating that he should grow it out like wolf whiskers.

Horo and Lawrence decide to rest in the common room, where Lawrence is talking business with a vineyard owner. After that conversation is done, they are approached by a young merchant named Zeiren, who states that the current silver coins are going to be replaced by a coin containing a higher silver content. He states that if Lawrence will make the exchange, he will tell him whichcoin is going out. When Zeiren wants to take a peak at Horo, she states some wise information, and he backs off. After Horo and Lawrence are back in their room, Lawrence hands Horo a plate of potatoes with goat cheese and a pouch filled with her wheat. She starts to devour the potatoes but chokes on them, and states that she doesn’t have the cheeks for chewing.

After Horo finishes, Lawrence asks her about differentiating the difference between truth and deceit. She states that he wasn’t talking about her fur earlier, and that the young merchant was lying. She also states that the topic of a lie isn’t important, but the reason for it. She asks what he would do if she wasn’t around, and he states that he would go with the young man because either way he would be making a profit. The next morning when Lawrence awakes, Horo is out talking to the priest. She spots him and walks over towards him, with the priest staring at him angrily; in retribution, Lawrence has to pay for his lies with copper coins.

Horo states that the church hasn’t always been in power, and that everything is changing around her; Lawrence comforts her by stating that she nor her country has changed. When they see the Zeiren again, they accept his deal and go their separate ways towards their meeting place. When Lawrence says that time is money, Horo becomes whimsical and states that the villagers do not think in such a way. As they head toward their destination, Horo says that wolves attack humans in order to gain their powers; she asks Lawrence if he has ever been attacked, which brings up bad memories, and a bad vibe between the two. After they progress considerably far, Horo says that wolves attack humans because they don’t know how to react.

When Lawrence asks her if she ever attacked humans, she says that there are questions that she cannot answer, and that they are even for asking painful questions. That night, when they go to sleep, Horo says that they are in different worlds. Thus, bringing Spice And Wolf – 02 ” Wolf and Distant Past” to a close.