Spice And Wolf – 01

OP Sequence:

OP: 「旅の途中」(Tabi no Tochuu) by 清浦夏実 (Kiyoura Natsumi)

Episode Summary: Once upon a time, there was a village called Pasroe where the wheat would be in abundance, and there would be a wolf that would trample upon the crop. When the season brought scarce crops, the wolf would eat it. In the beginning, there was nothing except warmth; then a promise was made between the village and the wolf. They would meet and leave, but soon the village began to gain wealth by their own means; which would leave the promise redundant. We join a peddler named Lawrence, who came to a village to rest, for he was trading salt with a village South of his position.

Lawrence is talking to the village guard, who finds that the peddler’s cart is full of salt, wheat, and fur. Lawrence notices the amping of the guards, and learns that the village he was just at is celebrating a false god. Upon hearing this interesting information, he heads towards said village. When Lawrence reaches the village, of which he is well known, the villagers he passes by are stating that they do not need the wolf god anymore. Lawrence reaches a gang of men and inquires upon the whereabouts of his apprentice, Chloe; he continues on to find Chloe participating in the celebration games.

Chloe and other villagers are harvesting the last bit of wheat, and the last bunch is where Horo, the wolf god, resides; as Chloe finishes the game, Lawrence feels a weight that suddenly pulled down on his wagon, but thought nothing of it. As Chloe is being playfully chased by the villagers, she runs over to Lawrence and tells him that he will be buying her dinner, then goes to finish the game by entering the storage shed. Later, Lawrence is with another merchant when the merchant shows him a big chest full of silver coins; the merchant then states that soon they will not be receiving silver, but gold. He also states that with the income they are receiving, the town does not need to pray to Horo, for they will be able to support themselves. Later that night, Lawrence decides to rest for the night and heads to his cart, but when he removes the tarp from his wagon, he is in for a surprise; he discovers a sleeping girl in his cart!

When he tries to wake her up, and he rolls her over to discover her wolf ears. At this, she finally is awake, and she gets up in her naked form and howls to the moon. When she finishes, she starts asking him for food and drink, and discovers his dropped jerky, which she hastily consumes. Lawrence regains his composure and pulls a knife on her thinking that she is a demon, and Horo realizes that he isn’t from the village. She states that her name is Horo, and at that Lawrence states that he knows a being named Horo; he believes her to be a demon. Horo says that she was born in the far north, in a country named Yoitsu, and asks him if he would take her there. She states that she has an eye for people, and he would not deny her her wish.

He decides that he has had enough, and he will only believe that she is Horo and not a demon if she shows him her real form. At this, Horo repeatedly asks him if he really wants to see; when she finds him resolute enough, she states that to turn into her true form she needs either human blood or wheat. Since Lawrence doesn’t care much for the blood part, she eats some wheat and starts to transform. Upon seeing her beastly form, he falls over in utter shock; when he regains his composure, she is gone. He decides to go back to the cottage with the other merchant to stay the night, and is interrupted by Chloe pretending to be Horo. Although Chloe is suppose to be in the storage shed, she told him that he would be buying her dinner.

While they sit and drink beer, they talk about themselves. Lawrence states that Chloe has gained skill and confidence, and Chloe states that she has a proposition for him. She states that they should go into business and a have a house together, which makes Lawrence uneasy. He states that she is still too young, but realizes that she has gained womanly features. As they walk toward the village, Chloe notices Lawrence glancing at the sky, and asks him if he has a girl in mind. He asks her if Horo really exists and what would it be like if she where his partner, and Chloe just thinks he is delusional. When Lawrence heads back to the cottage, he gives up on seeing Horo again, but as soon as he lays down, Horo pops in.

Lawrence asks where she was hiding, and Horo states that she resides in the batches of wheat, and can transfer from one bundle to the next; and that is how she came into the bundle that Lawrence had in his cart. She also states that that makes him her savior, but he is saddened by the thought of being frightened by her true form. He asks if that is why she left, and she states that she made the harvest good, but had to give the soil time to rest; when the soil rested, there was not much crops, and the villagers blamed Horo for doing it on purpose, which was not the case. She says that that was not what she wished for when she took the promise with a young man. Lawrence states that the story is believable for now, and a week later when the villagers let Chloe out of the storage shed while Lawrence and Horo make their way North.

As Lawrence drives the cart Northbound, Horo emerges with his finest clothes on. When he tells her to take off the clothes or he will kick her off, she states that he would not do that, and he says that she is underestimating him. She then finds out his name and says that she will tell of him in her stories for eternity. Lawrence states that she doesn’t have to do that, and that she should get her own food while on the trip; with that, they seal the deal with a handshake. At that, she states that her name is Horo Kenrou, the prideful wolf. Thus bringing Spice And Wolf – 01 “Wolf and Best Clothes” to a close.

ED Sequence:

ED: 「リンゴ日和」(Ringo Hiyori) by Rocky Chack

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  1. Looks like this is going to be a good anime. I watch the 1st episode 4 times back to back on the day I downloaded it. But I hate having to wait for each episode to come out tho… -.- It really sucks having to wait.. -.-

  2. Also, the ED is horrific. But still i really love this anime and can’t wait for more. I’m reading the manga as it is being scanlated its very good as well, the anime is following the manga pretty closely so far, although only 2 episodes 😛

  3. Well if you must know I only watched it 4 times BECAUSE I REALLY LIKED IT, also as a side note it was just kinda running in the background as i did other things on my computer.

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