Sola Preview

OP Sequence:

OP: 「colorless wind」 by Aira Yuki

Episode 1 scenes:

ED Sequence:

ED: 「mellow melody」 by Ceui

So, Sola was one of the series that I was interested in. I had no clue what its about but the art looked great so I decided to see what it was about. I downloaded the RAW so I couldn’t understand it completely. I’m not sure if the first episode exactly explain what the story is about (pretty sure it did) but since I don’t know Japanese 100% I couldn’t get anything from the first episode.

Sadly, ANN had no info on the story of Sola either. What I enjoyed so far is that well the graphics are really nice. Characters are unique especially the character played by Mamiko Noto. The character’s name is Matsuri Shihou. Matsuri probably can’t be in light pretty much like a vampire. This is not 100% true for the story I’m just taking a guess.

Well at the end of the episode, Matsuri was fighting against some crazy guy with a sword in a church (see above pictures). What he used to attack her the most was really powerful lights that he had placed outside. He presses a switch and lights turn on. Every time a light is going to be turned on, Matsuri would dodge it as if she can’t go in the light. This is what I got from watching the first episode.

Once, subs are out for episode 1 and if they tell you the story of the series or why she is so afraid of the light I’ll post about it. Until then, thats what I think the story is about. Maybe Matsuri wants to be able to go in the light, because the only time you see her is when its night. She wants to see the beautiful blue sky but she can’t so thats why her umbrella has a blue sky design inside. Again, this is just my guess of what the story is.

There is a subbed episode out right now, which was just uploaded. The subbing is being done by Lunar fansubs.

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  1. The Opening Song of this Episode (01) is 「Sensitive Scenery」 by Ceui [See Prologue of Sola Audio Drama by Doremi-Fansub, & the ED Sequence which shows the title of OP Song]

    I think Doremi-Fansub is better than Lunar Fansub 😀

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