Shugo Chara! Preview

OP Sequence:

OP: 「こころのたまご」(Kokoro no Tamago) by Buono!
Episode 1 Scenes:

PEACH-PIT has done it again! I’ve read Shugo Chara! manga scanlation before and found it quite good but never really read it after chapter one. Good thing they decided to adapt it into an anime. This is a shojo anime for those who didn’t know, but it’s not too shojo if that makes any sense, so it should be OK to some viewers. Amu’s design is absolutely awesome, she is so damn cool looking. You can’t expect anyone to dress like that in school, if you do they are usually ugly lol. This series is very good, it did change a little bit from the manga. If I remember, in the manga, Amu doesn’t get the eggs until she fell in the hole in the construction yard, unless I got a really weird scanlation that was missing pages but thats what it seemed like it happened. Nevertheless, the series is still good and character designs are wonderful.

Episode Summary: Amu is the popular kid in school, kids thinks she a really cool kid because of the style she wears her school uniform. In truth, Amu is actually a shy girl who rather be a honest girl than the way she has to act in school. The only reason she dresses like in a Goth Punk style is because her mother buys clothes like that for her, even her little sister Ami wears loli clothes. A lot of rumor has been started at school about Amu, such as her being so cool she must have a boyfriend who’s much older than him or even a celebrity.

During dinner, Amu and her family is watching TV and this weird fortune teller lady is on the TV. She talks about Guardian Angels and what not. Amu gets irritated and goes into her room, she lies on her bed and wishes she can have courage and be reborn as her would-be self. When she woke up the next morning, she finds three eggs on her bed. They look almost like Easter Eggs. Amu freaks out but brings them along to school anyway.

The Guardians of the school appears,it consists of four members. King’s Chair, Hitori Tadase. Queen’s Chair, Fujisaki Nadeshiko. Jack’s Chair, Souma Kuukai. Ace’s Chair, Yuiki Yaya. These members seems to also have these guardian eggs. They are called Shugo Chara (Guardian Character). When Hitori saw Amu trying to stop one of her eggs from coming out, Hitori grabbed Amu but was then Amu knocked his hand off her shoulder. Amu starts walking towards the school and thinking why she did that since Amu has a crush on Hitori.

During the Guardian’s meeting, Hitori asked anyone if they have any suggestions. Amu in a sudden outburst yells that she was sorry about before and says she likes Hitori. Hitori in front of the whole entire school rejects her and says he has someone he likes already. Amu runs out of the gym and said she should just crawl into a hole. She got her wish and fell in a hole in the construction yard. One of the eggs Amu has hatched and its called Ran. She is like a cheerleader type Shugo Chara, she allows Amu to fly and she sent Amu to the highest point of the building in the construction yard. This cat eared guy approaches Amu and steals the other two eggs Amu has. Amu was scared of the height is she in but after realizing that she wished she had courage she starts running towards him at full speed and takes the two eggs back.

Amu manages to get the eggs but suddenly falls off the edge. The Humpty Lock flew to her and when she grabbed onto it a burst of pink energy appeared. She transformed with Ran and starts flying in the sky. Hitori ran to the construction yard and saw what happened. He couldn’t believe that Amu can Chara Transform already. Amu started to lose concentration and the transformation stopped. She starts falling again from even a higher altitude but was saved by Hitori. Hitori heads back to the school to continue the meeting. Amu went home with Ran and wondered what kind of children will be born from the other two eggs.

Plot Summary: Every person Hinamori Amu knows thinks she’s the coolest girl they know. Except the fact that behind everyone she hides her true feelings. One morning when she wakes up, she comes across three eggs called “Guardian Characters.” These Guardian Characters help her find out that her true personality isn’t that bad, and that her real personality is cool to.

ED Sequence:

ED: 「ホントのじぶん」(Honto no Jibun) by Buono!

The OP song is definitely better and the sequence is better in the OP as well. I don’t know who Buono! is but they were formed just to perform the ending for Shugo Chara! There isn’t really much to say about the ED, it sounds alright but not as good as the OP I suppose. Both of them are still good and I’ll definitely be getting the Maxi Single for both when its released. 10.31.07 is when the ED single is released so mark that date on your e-calendar.

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  1. Animation looks quite nice, but as for the plot it doesn’t look like something I’d be watching. Oh nice background btw hehe. Your layout seems to be coming on nicely. Your one of the few animebloggers that I’ve seen that actually is able to modify their layout, hope to see more changes in the future.

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