Shugo Chara! – 11

Episode Summary: The Guardians are off to train at a resort and to stay with Kukai’s grandfather. The charas are busy having a snow fight in the winter wonder land. Everyone spots a giant mansion at the top of a hill and thinks that it is his grandfather’s home, but Kukai points out a temple. Kukai then states that he told them they would be training at a temple by a mountain resort, which leaves the gang down trot. At that, Kukai sets off to go skiing and Amu exclaiming that they were tricked. As the group enjoys skiing and snowboarding, Amu shows everyone up by doing a character change with Ran, which starts a competition with Kukai’s character change with Daichi. They shred down the mountain at a constant tie, but as Amu comes off a jump, she has to do a full character change to avoid a boy building a snowman; she stops just in time and tells the boy that playing there is dangerous.

Since she character changed and is extremely cold, Kukai laughs at Amu. Before she can retort, Yaya comes rolling down the hill in a big boulder of snow being chased by Nadeshiko. That evening, the group gets scolded because they were suppose to be at Kukai’s grandfather’s house before dark; when Kukai states that they just got carried away, he gets smacked and is told to clean the halls in order to clean their souls. When the group complains and states that it is impossible to clean the nearly endless hall, the grandfather comes out and tells them that even a long journey begins with the first step. When everyone is cleaning, Kukai, Daichi, and Ran are slacking, and they get scolded; when Yaya falls in stupor of the task ahead, Kukai proposes a race to make it go faster. As the competition starts between the Guardians, Nadeshiko cant help not character change and she blows away the competition.

It is a close race between Nadeshiko and Kukai, but Temari places a chara-sized banana peel in front of Kukai to win the race. When the cleaning is done, the grandfather busts through the doors and punishes them for having unrequested fun. As their punishment, the group has to cook their own dinner; as Su and Ran are dying of hunger and thirst, they climb aboard grandpa’s shoulders and state their discontent, which the grandfather swears he heard someone say something. As the cooking starts, Kukai gets to wash the rice, which goes horribly wrong and ends up on the floor; Tadase gets to peal the onions, which he ends up in the middle; Yaya gets to cut the vegetables, which she can’t cut do to her lack in strength; Amu gets to peel potatoes, and ends up cutting herself. Amu does a character change with Su to prepare the meal expertly. Tadase sees the expertly prepared meal and states that Amu will make a good bride, which makes her flush and state that choosing a bride based on that is old fashioned.

The next day, the Guardians head out to play in the snow and notice a snow sculpting contest; when the group goes to check it out, they are handed a flier that states the first prize is a week in the expensive hotel they saw earlier. When they are given a big block of snow, they have to choose what to make, and Nadeshiko proposes a castle fit for a prince and princess. Upon hearing the word prince, Tadase character transforms; he states that finally the time has come to make a castle for a prince, and that they will be his loyal subjects. When the time comes for the block to be divided equally, Nadeshiko gets the roof, Kukai the floor, Yaya the decorations, Tadase the big tower, and Amu gets stuck with the gate. Upon seeing her blob-like gate, she turns to Miki, but she wont do a character change because Amu states that art isn’t her thing. When the day is through, the group heads out to grab some gifts and to head to a hot spring. While the group proceeds, Amu is bothered by what Miki said; while she is reflecting, she glances at Miki, who is also bothered at what she said.

As the group heads to the temple, Nadeshiko asks Yaya if she forgot something, and Yaya grabs Kukai and Nadeshiko and they run back to the shops, leaving Tadase and Amu alone. As Tadase and Amu walk back, they pass a graveyard, which Amu is scared of; Tadase grabs her hand and tells her not to worry, for he is with her. Amu notices an awkward silence and tries to think of some topic, and she comes up with who Tadase likes; Tadase explains that he likes a female dog that died a year prior. Tadase explains that he is not good with confessions, so he character changes with Kiseki to confuse them; Tadase states that there has been a girl that he just met that has caught his attention. This girl is also a Guardian, and he cannot approach her. He tells her honestly that he loves the character girl Amulet Heart. At that, a big pile of snow falls off a nearby tree and Amu jumps on Tadase; the moment is broken as the other Guardians come towards them, which leaves Amu down.

That night back at the temple when everyone is asleep, Amu is outside by herself when Ran meets her. Amu states that she wasn’t able to sleep, and tells Ran that Tadase said that he liked the Amulet Heart. Amu says that the Amulet Heart is not her and that she does not want to be comforted; Amu asks if that is unrequited love, and Ran head butts her for saying such a thing, for the Amulet Heart is her would-be self. Ran states that the Amulet Heart exists inside Amu, and Amu remembers what Miki said and what Kukai’s grandfather said, that a long journey begins with the first step. Upon remembering, Amu thanks Ran for the help and they are joined by Su and Miki; she states that she has to try hard even though her would-be self is far off.

Early the next morning, Amu heads off to the snow sculpting area to fix her gate. She says that she wont character change, and that she has to try it on her own; upon hearing the good news, her charas cheer her on. While Amu is busy working on the sculpture, Nadeshiko comes to work on the bad parts of the sculpture; then the rest of the group quickly shows up, all with the same idea. While building, Amu realizes that she is getting closer to her would be self. When the group finishes, they take a look at the final outcome; they then realize that it is not really a castle, but a depiction of each others likes. When the judging commences, the group does not win, but realizes that it was fun for the work. When they return to the temple, they find Kukai’s grandfather awaiting them with lunch prepared.

The grandfather states that he made them his own vegetarian diet that is a full course. When the group rushes in to eat, a shot is shown of their sculpture, which one the Best Effort Award. Thus ending Shugo Chara! – 11 “Snow Mountain Holiday!”

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  1. lol, what a letdown, thinking you are going to a resort, but end up at a temple doing mindnumbing chores. X.x

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