Shugo Chara! – 10

Episode Summary: Another typical day at the Hinamori residence, Amu awakes late for school and still has much to do to get ready for the day ahead. All is ready, but wait, where is Su? Su was out on her morning walk while everyone else was in a rush to get ready in the morning; but before Amu leaves, Ami wants her to put up Christmas decorations on a tree. The charas squabble over who is the best at decorating; while they are arguing, Ami spots the “Great Charas” and nabs them like dolls. After Amu saves them, it is off to school.

At the Garden, Amu states that she cannot be with the group today, for she has to help decorate the tree; the other Guardians sympathize with her. While Amu finishes telling them about Ami, the charas pull up a design for the tree. After school, Amu and the Guardians go shopping for Christmas decorations. Yoru, Ikuto’s chara, is finishing up a meeting with some ally cats outside the shop that the Guardians are in. While the group is shopping, Yoru and the cats plan to end their fun real quick like; as Su gets hit by the stores automatic door, Yoru and company launch into action; they take the decoration she had. They are playing keep-away from Su, and the Guardians and Amu don’t notice. When Yoru decides it is enough, they toss the decoration back at Su, but she misses it; the decoration falls into a moped storage container, and the rider rides off.

At that, Yoru and company flee into a nearby ally, while Amu finally realizes that Su is missing. When the rider stops and opens the storage area, Su escapes, but only to realize she is unfamiliar territory. Amu and her guardian charas look all over for Su, but with no avail. When they are looking, Ikuto walks by and notices something is up; the group goes home to see if Su turned up there. Meanwhile, Su is trying to find her way, and vows to return home soon. Su is lost, and uses a whisk to try and point the way home, much like travelers drop a stick to find a direction; Yoru returns to Ikuto and Ikuto knows that his chara is hiding something.

When Ikuto finds out that Su is missing, he takes off towards Amu’s house. Back at the Hinamori residence, Su is nowhere to be found. Amu gets a surprise visit by Ikuto, who tells her that Su took off in the direction of a different town. Ikuto leaves as soon as he shows up, leaving Amu with more questions than answers. Downstairs, The Hinamori family is being odd as usual, the father is excitingly filming Ami with a big red bow. Amu has to sneak out of the house to go find Su, but cannot be seen, for it is quite late in the evening. While she is sneaking around, the crazy psychic women is on the TV and yells “STOP SNEAKING AROUND!”, which scares Amu and reveals her position.

Amu gets confronted by her parents, and is told that she cannot go out, it is too late. Su is cold and lost, so she finds a mansion to wait the night out. She turns up at Saya’s home, the head of the Kukai Fanclub, who is looking for a stick pink lipstick that she just bought; upon seeing the crazed girl, Su leaves in search for somewhere else. Tired and weary, Su bumps into a big lost dog, who gives her a big-wet kiss. Su and the dog team up to look for their homes the next day; meanwhile, Amu is sitting up in her room worrying about Su. The next day, the head of the Kukai Fanclub is showing off her newfound lipstick. Saya spots Kukai and runs toward him, but runs over a little boy; as a result, the lipstick is rolling down the hill, which is being followed closely by Saya and her groupies.

When Amu arrives at school, she tells the other Guardians about the missing Su, and they resolve to all help search after school. While the Guardians are at school, everyone’s charas go searching for Su. Meanwhile, Su and the dog, Puppy, find a lost wallet, and decide to take it to a police station; of course, Su forgets the decoration due to her empty-headedness. While Su and Puppy drop off the wallet, the other charas are hard at work looking for her. They find a X-egg and are in hot pursuit; while they are chasing the egg, Miki and Ran find the decoration that Su dropped. While Su and Puppy are chasing the egg, their chase is ended by Ikuto, who catches the egg. Ikuto and Yoru want to break the X-egg, but Su wont let that happen.

Su takes the egg from Ikuto, and when he is about to take it back by using chara transformation, Utau shows up. Meanwhile, school lets out and Amu is off to search right away. Back at Su, Puppy, Ikuto, and Utau, Ikuto and Utau are determined to break it, for that is their way with dealing with X-eggs. Su states that Amu turns them back to good, and Utau uses her chara power to take back the egg. Su gets excited and yells that Amu would never treat eggs like that, and Amu is close enough to hear Su’s voice and tracks it down. When Amu arrives at the scene, she character transforms with Su. Using the Amulet Clover Transformation, she summons Remake Honey, which upon contact, returns the X-egg back to normal, sending it flying back to it’s owner. When Amu regains her stature, Ikuto and Utau have already made a quick escape.

When all is right again, Su is given back her decoration when they are joined by the Guardians. Su asks for one more transformation, and she uses her Remake Honey on Puppy to reveal his tags. With Puppy returned home, Amu returns home also. The tree is almost finished, all that it awaits is Su’s green clover. With the tree finished, and all seemingly well, Ami pops up and tries to capture the charas. As the charas are being harassed, the small boy from earlier comes home to find Puppy awaiting him in the yard. Thus making a happy ending Episode 10 “Character Transformation! Amulet Clover!”