Shugo Chara! – 09

Episode Summary: Another typical day back at the Garden, doing mindless paperwork and whatnot, when Kukai states that Nadeshiko’s father appeared on Good Morning T.V. earlier that morning; this is a total surprise to Amu, who gets confused when they say Nichibu, which means Japanese fighting and Japanese dancing. Nadeshiko’s father is the head of a Japanese dancing school. With that, Amu realizes that Nadeshiko and her are supposedly friends, but Amu doesn’t know a thing about her; Nadeshiko also notices this, so she sneaks up on Amu on their way home and invites her to spend the night. Later that night, when Amu tells her family the good news, her mom gives her an industry-sized package of detergent, stating that it is what every missus would love to receive as a present. Amu states that Fujisaki’s wouldn’t want that because they are more interested in the Nadeshiko-ka, and of course, her family makes the same mistake that the Nadeshiko family is actually a fighting school. Amu decides she has had enough of her crazy family, and goes upstairs to pack; and, like a typical women, she over-packs for a one night deal, for she is excited because it is her first sleep over. When the time comes for Amu to leave, Ami, her little sister, gets all mad because she wants to go too, but Amu has a fix for that, she states that monsters come out at Nadeshiko’s home, and upon hearing this, Ami runs off.

When Amu arrives at Nadeshiko’s giant mansion, she gets scared by Aunt Fujisaki, who is wearing a scary mask that she uses to scare solicitors away with. Amu and Nadeshiko go into the living room to meet Ms. Fujisaki, who states that Mr. Fujisaki will not be making an appearance due to the fact that he is busy with the dance preparations. Ms. Fujisaki gives Amu some tea and spots the bag of detergent, and is greatly pleased with the fine gift! Next, everyone goes to see Nadeshiko practice her dance, then Amu gets pressured into dancing also; but only to get shut down by a major foot cramp. Later, Amu and her charas get the grand tour, when a mouse shows up and is scared off my Temari in a violent fit of rage. Unable to let the matter settle there, Temari gets the charas to round up that pesky mouse.

Meanwhile, Amu and Nadeshiko are sitting using fortune telling cards when Ms. Fujisaki says it is bath time, and Amu takes her bath first. When Amu gets out, she finds herself lost in the dark mansion with her imagination running wild; the stories that she told to get Ami to stay home start to spring up in the mysterious mansion hallways. Amu spots the walking doll, which is actually being pushed by the charas, who are attempting to sneak up on the mouse that appeared earlier. When Amu tells Nadeshiko the sighting, Nadeshiko states that there use to be a witch that lived there who would invite travelers into the mansion, then slay them in their sleep; right after completing the horror story, Nadeshiko says that they should go to bed. Amu is scared, and she pleads Nadeshiko not to fall asleep first; but as she finishes her sentence, Nadeshiko is already fast asleep.

Back with the charas, Suu is playing with the breaker in the attic(for some odd reason) they scare the mouse away, and they follow in hot pursuit. With the lights off, and the charas running amok in the attic, Amu thinks of the story she told Ami earlier, the Attic Phantom. Amu remembers the wise advice of the T.V. fortuneteller, never take your eyes off the monster, and she looks over to see another of her imaginary monsters; the poisonous gigantic centipede, which in reality, is the charas in a totem pole, trying to get the mouse off of the roof. After everything calms down, Nadeshiko and Mrs. Fujisaki mysteriously leave the room, and Amu follows them to see what is up. Amu comes up with some crazy, half-baked story that the Fujisaki’s are fakes, and are really demons that want to kill them.

Amu is on an escape mission, and tells the charas not to make a sound, but inspite of the warning, Amu is the one who is yelling every time she turns a corner. Amu winds up finding Nadeshiko and Mrs. Fujiasaki practicing the dance for the performance; Nadeshiko wants to make up for the day that she used up playing around with Amu. Amu starts to think that it was bad of her to come over when she knew that the performance was coming up, and that she is a bad friend, when Aunt Fujisaki comes up to Amu. Aunt Fujisaki tells Amu that Nadeshiko, for the first time, put friends before dancing, and that Nadeshiko really thinks Amu as a really important person. The next day when Amu leaves the Fujisaki home with the thought that Nadeshiko is a great friend, and that she is glad her first sleep over was with Nadeshiko.

When Amu returns home, she is greeted by Ami, who is amazed at how Amu sealed all the demons at Nadeshiko’s. When Amu’s mother comes to see her, she is handed the number two item to make the missus happy, the towel set! Her mother demands when the next sleep over is, and when she is told that there isn’t one planned, she hurries off to make another survey for the missus magazine. Thus creating the conclusion for Shugo Chara! 09 “The Seven Mysteries of the Fujisaki Family”.

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