Shugo Chara! – 03

Episode 3 Scenes:

Episode Summary: Amu was approached by Fujisaki after school. Fujisaki tries to get Amu to join the Guardians by showing her a picture of Tadase sleeping. It fails but Fujisaki doesn’t give up and ask if she would like to go to Tadase’s house. Amu agrees but she has to make some snacks and bring them along. Amu doesn’t know how to bake exactly but Fujisaki offered her help and teach Amu how to bake. Fujisaki tells Amu they are going to make a fruits tart since it is Tadase’s favorite. After the finished baking the crust part, Fujisaki stepped out to get the fruit while Amu stayed behind to put the cream in. She has no confidence in putting the cream herself and suddenly a voice started talking.

The whisk suddenly starts floating but soon dropped after someone clapped. The tall boy with black clothing appeared. Amu started calling him the Pervert Cat ear cosplayer. He came by to steal the last egg which he was hoping it would be an Embryo. Fujisaki returns to the room and Chara Changed with her shugo chara. When Fujisaki Chara Changed, she turned into this angry person and started to attack the boy with a weapon. While they were fighting, they carelessly knocked the crust over. Suddenly, Amu’s last egg hatched and Su came out. She made a whipped cream wave hoping it would save the crust (why? I don’t know, must be a useless Shugo Chara). The crust didn’t get saved, the boy left, and they had to make something other than fruit tarts now. Amu Chara Changes with Su and starts baking cookies at amazing speed.

When they finished baking, Amu went home and wanted to wrap the cookies but want to write a letter to Tadase. Amu is too shy to write her true feelings so Ran Chara Changes Amu and starts writing the most embarrassing message ever. It gets wrapped all nice and neat, Amu got out of her Chara Change and calls her Shugo Chara idiots. It was way too embarrassing so Amu wraps another cookie without the note. Amu went to the park to meet with Fujisaki but Tadase showed up instead and told Amu that Fujisaki was going to be late so he will be her replacement. Amu accidentally gives Tadase the bag of cookies with the note while she ended up with the bag of cookies that didn’t have the note. She went and snuck into Tadase’s house to try to get the cookies bag.

The bag of cookies was on his desk but Tadase’s Shugo Chara was in the room and saw Amu trying to take it back. Tadase then returns to his room and saw Amu in his room. Amu and Tadase stayed at his house and drank tea but when Amu called Tadase prince he Chara Changed and says that he is a king not a prince and scared the crap out of Amu. The rest of the Guardians showed up and explains why Tadase is like that and say that he is actually a shy guy and thats how he got his Shugo Chara when he wished to be reborn just like Amu.

The next day during a Guardians meeting. Tadase announced that a new Guardian member will be joining and reveals the name to the entire school. Amu doesn’t have a clue to who he could be talking about. Tadase gives out the name of the new Guardian, Joker: Hinamori Amu. Amu was surprised that she was suddenly in the Guardians when she didn’t even agree to joining or anything.

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