Shugo Chara! – 02

Episode 2 Scenes:

Episode Summary: Amu is afraid of going to class because of what happened in front of the entire school yesterday. When she entered her classroom, everyone was staring at her. A group of girls gathered at her desk and said she was awesome and how they feel closer to Amu because she likes the Prince too. Queen’s Chair, Nadeshiko enters Amu’s class and gives her an invitation to go to the Royal Garden for tea. Amu doesn’t want to go but it means she get to see the prince again so she took the invitation.

During PE class, Ran pops out and Amu freaks out because she was afraid Ran might get seen by the other students. Ran proofs to Amu that nothing will be wrong since normal kids cannot see shugo charas. The third graders were doing the horizontal bars in PE, one kid fails and their teacher ask the fifth graders for help. Ran started to act on her own and gave Amu her other would-be self. Amu jumps up and runs to the horizontal bars and starts showing how its done, with Ran’s help of course. Everyone was impressed by Amu’s abilities but the teacher was very shocked and said it was a bit much. Amu freaks out on Ran and yelled at her for doing things on her own. The blue egg has awaken and peaked in the bathroom stall Amu and Ran was in then went off on its own. Amu tells Ran to get into her bag but notices the blue egg is gone. Amu has a class soon and has a tea party with the Guardians after school so there is no way for them to search for the blue egg right now.

Art class is next. Amu’s partner is a beautiful student but with Amu’s artistic talent, she looks pretty bad on paper. Miki, the blue egg, gave Amu’s other would-be self and started drawing on the sketchbook. The picture was beautiful and the other students was in awe. Amu notices its the blue egg doing this and saw it drawing outside the window and run out of the classroom. Miki is a bit of a mischievous shugo chara so it took Amu awhile to get her to stop running. Miki says that Amu doesn’t believe in her and she will disappear soon. Amu agrees to believe in the shugo charas a little and wishes to get back to class soon since on the way out she says she’s going to the toilet and has been gone for quite a while.

Amu, Ran and Miki went to the Royal Garden to see the Guardians. They asked Amu to be part of the Guardians since she has shugo charas but declines due to the cape she would have to wear if she joins. This would ruin her fashion and gets laughed at by the Jack’s Chair, Souma Kuukai. Amu runs away and realizes she forgot to give back the Humpty Lock back to the Guardians. She sees the kid that was having trouble with the horizontal bar earlier today and went to talk to him. Suddenly, the kid’s egg inside him turned into an X egg and started to do evil things. The X egg says dreams are useless and says useless repeatedly. Amu tells the kid that if you don’t believe, your dreams will disappear. She then does a Character Transformation with Ran again and changed the X egg back into a normal egg.

My Thoughts: This series is definitely getting good. It’s funny, its cool and spicy ha ha, and its by PEACH-PIT. I love how Amu transforms with her shugo charas, it looks so damn cool. She’s pretty damn cool for a fifth grader. At first I thought she was my age which is seventeen. This anime definitely is worth the watch, I wasn’t too interested in the other adaptation of PEACH-PIT’s work, 「Zombie-Loan」. 「Shugo Chara!」 is definitely the best from PEACH-PIT, next to 「Rozen Maiden」 of course. I think when she did her Lock On thing in this episode it seemed a bit corny or cheesy which ever you prefer but it still looked pretty cool.

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