Say Hello To 4.0

Although not much drastic changes has been made, but I still am calling it 4.0.  Even though it’s more like a 3.2.  Now the best thing and the most noticeable thing about 4.0 (3.2) is the sidebar look.  I’ve also shifted the sidebar to the left, originally its on the right.  Well thats it for the update, you can check whats changed in the changelog.

2 thoughts on “Say Hello To 4.0

  1. Nice new layout, I see you have incorporated ro sprite image, it does look nice but I don’t know if its entirely appropriate for a anime blog lol, I thought your site became some free ro server or ro database site for a second there. Also in 1024×768 resolution the width of the layout seems to be too big and hence is making the horizontal scroll bar appear. Looking forward to whats next hehe.

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