Review: Sigma Harmonics

Today the game arrived at my doors along with another game I ordered but this review isn’t about that, it’s about Sigma Harmonics!  This is a new title from Square Enix.  It was shown at the oddly named Square Enix party named DKΣ3713.  The titled was developed by the team behind Dirge of Cerberus, the game was released on August 21, 2008 but I didn’t know so I didn’t get the game until now.  In Sigma Harmonics you play a character named Sigma (clever), in the beginning of the game you meet up with a friend of yours, Neon Tsukiyumi who is voiced by Hirano Aya.  So there is a little simple gameplay going on with this game not to complex.

The gameplay is rather simple, first the game is played be having the DS on its side, so you have the touch screen on the right and the normal screen on the left.  I didn’t check the options for lefty but I’m sure there is one other wise that’s a very bad mistake.  This is the first game I have played that doesn’t require me to use any of the buttons on the DS Lite.  Everything is done with the touch screen, moving your character and fighting the monsters.  When fighting the monster you are given 3 slots of cards, first slot is your attack, second is another attack but changes your direction your facing as well.  The second slot, so far I have played is the only slot that contains two cards which you can swap to allow you to turn left or right.  Further in the game I’m hoping for a card that does a 180 degree turn.  The third slot card is a healing card.  I’m sure it is can be something else later on in the game probably allowing you to use some sort of magical attack.

Although this might be on the DS, the graphics are amazing.  For someone who has played Crysis with everything on high, the graphics are very nice for a DS.  During story telling the game is in anime style which looks really good, I mean what anime art doesn’t look good?  Once your moving around and in the combat, the game turns to 3D.

I’m liking this title a lot, it’s fun, it’s unique, and its from Square Enix which I haven’t been playing any of their games in a long time, ever since I stopped playing FFXI, still waiting on FXIII, hurry it up SE.  Try and pick this title up if you haven’t already, I would suggest you head over to Play-Asia right now and import a copy, go now!  Stop reading this review, GO!


  • Unique gameplay, with a unique story.
  • Surprisingly good graphics in story telling(anime style) and combat/moving around (3D).
  • English text under each menu so you don’t have to fumble around the menus.
  • It’s a Square Enix game.


  • Japanese only title, no announcement of it coming to North America, most likely it will since its Square Enix.
  • Slow to start off, only engaged in 1 combat since 10 minutes of play.