Review: Negima! ~Shiroki Tsubasa ALA ALBA~ – 01

OP Sequence:

OP: 「ハッピ―☆マテリアルリタ―ン」 (Happy ☆ Material Return) by 麻帆良園中等部 3-A (Mahora Gakuen Chuutobu 3-A)
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Before I go and talk about this wonderful OAD, I would like to point out that the Anime Review posts will remain the same as what it was before, format wise. There won’t be a banner indicating what this is. You may have noticed some other posts getting banners but anime reviews will not since they are the posts that contains the most images. The banner is just there to make the posts look a bit nicer. I realize this site is getting a bit messy and everything is all over the place but I’ll try to organize on what should have what eventually.

First Impressions: I liked Negima ever since it came out I suppose.  It’s a very interesting series and every character is unique.  I personally liked Negima!? more than Negima! because of the art and that their cards actually has a chance of giving them the best powerup.  However, I never finished the remake since I couldn’t find anymore subs but whatever, I got the manga.  The OAD is the only Negima that’s actually based on the manga 100% and not some alternate story bullshit that we’ve seen in the past.  I really love the OAD probably becuase it’s not some alternate story where Asuna dies eventually and junk that crap was crap don’t watch Negima! wink wink nudge nudge.  If anything watch Negima!? at least the art is a lot better.

Review: The OAD is based completely off the manga.  Which is a plus, however it starts right from chapter 176-177 so anyone who watches this and isn’t caught up on the manga like me, will go “What the fuck is going on?” However, the beginning of the OAD sums it up pretty well on what this OAD is going to be about.  Basically Negi is going back to Wales to find his father Nagi.  But what made him wanting to do this?  I have no clue since I’m not up to date with the manga so sucks for me.  I’m not 100% sure if the OAD is also done by the same people who did the remake, probably not but the art is definitely similar to the manga and nothing like Negima!  Nodoka also looks very cute in this one (see pic number 7).  I can’t exactly say much about this OAD other than that it’s awesome but hell, starting from like the far end of the manga makes it a bit confusing as to why Negi is going to look for his dad.  What would be awesome is if this was actually a full series anime.  Sadly it’s only 3 episodes, and it releases every 3 months or so.  It sucks I know but what can you do?  We still have the manga to enjoy though.  Anyone wanna tell me who the pink hair girl is in the final pic?  Those clothes aren’t going to attract any kind of attention in the airport lol.  I’m glad they are using Happy Material again isntead of 1000% Sparking or some other song.  The single for Happy Material Return was just released today just a little heads up.

ED Sequence:

ED: 「輝く君へ」 (Kagayaku Kimi e) by 麻帆良園中等部 3-A (Mahora Gakuen Chuutobu 3-A)
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