Rental Magica – 24 (END)

Episode Summary: Episode 24 “Astral” As the ritual begins, we see the past of Itsuki and Honami. Honami’s grandmother states that Itsuki has powers just like her, he has a Glam Sight eye, and they soon become friends. They head off to the haunted house where Itsuki’s eye became contaminated unknowingly. As the ritual progresses, red beams shoot out of the spaceneedle and strike the signs that Honami was making, which awaken the dragon. Sekiren, Nekoyashiki, and Adilisia are approached by the dragon and Sekiren states that Honami and Itsuki are most likely in the spaceneedle. The dragon attacks, pushing the three to the ground.

Adilisia states that Honami and Fin have set up multiple barriers protecting the dragon, and only those who can get to them can kill it; The dragon is about to attack, but Mikan and Kuroha show up and create a barrier. Sekiren tells Nekoyashiki and Adilisia to go to Itsuki, and they take their leave. As the ritual progresses further, Nekoyashiki appears on the site, and states that he wants Itsuki and Honami back. Fin reveals his true evil self and the fight begins; Nekoyashiki uses fuda to attack Fin, but Fin commands Honami to fire her mistletoe at him, and she destroys them. Adilisia breaks through the roof and destroys the magic power line to stop the ritual.

Fin takes out Adilisia’s demon and knocks her to the ground. As a big red sphere falls from the sky, Adilisia makes a blood bond with Itsuki and calls Asmodia; to counter, Honami uses the Living Wand spell, the strongest of all the Celtic magica. These vines entangle Asmodia and Honami and Adilisia’s magic clash, and Nekoyashiki breaks the bond between her and Asmodia because the building was about the collapse. As Fin closes in on Adilisia, Itsuki awakens and removes his eyepatch. He states that the remorse that Honami felt was for not, for Itsuki was happy; he says that it was not just his burden, but hers as well. Honami falls to her knees in tears, and Fin asks Itsuki to leave with him for Ophion, the land of the fairies.

Itsuki refuses and the battle starts, and he has Adilisia summon two demons while Nekoyashiki uses flame fuda, of which Fin quickly dispatches. Fin then summons the Lance of Mistilteinn, which is the weapon that killed the god of light in Norse mythology. Just before Fin uses the lance, Honami changed the target of the sacrifice to him. She states that she loves the nice part of Itsuki, and that she does not want her wish fulfilled anymore. At this, Itsuki rushes in and punches him in the abdomen. Fin walks backwards and spots blimps from the association; he then says that they will meet again and falls toward the ground as the dragon dissipates.

Later, the association let Astral go with a warning and took the event as Fin’s fault. For the regular people, the association spread around that the torn up town was due to lightning. Back at Astral, life resumes usual, that is, except for Honami. Honami is outside looking at the newly sealed dragon, and wants to take a look at it firsthand with Itsuki. They take off to meet it; the dragon asks for a name, and Itsuki named it Astral. Itsuki looks at the sky and the series ends with a meteor shower.