Rental Magica – 23

Episode Summary: As this episode starts, Honami is etching some kind of charm into walls and pillars with here blood. Meanwhile, Nekoyashiki is telling Mikan and Kuroha about the dragon, that it is not a tangible one, but a soul of nature dragon; meaning that a spell came in contact with a natural phenomenon and created the spiritual beast. He goes on to say that the old Astral members set up barriers to keep the dragon in check, but they underestimated the power of the Glam Sight eye. Then he sends his cats off to find Itsuki, wherever he is. As this happens, Fin is in a meeting with the association and it is not going to well, they must take action against the dragon. Fin then says that this is the perfect time to finish off Astral, but the association states they want to retain the stability of the world, they are neutral. When he comes out of the meeting, he is floating in the sky with Adilisia who had tracked him down with Shax, a flying demon that can find hidden entities.

Adilisia states that there is no coincidence in the latest happenings and his appearance, that he used Celtic magic to cover the city in the mist. At that, Fin unleashes some Celtic magic which Adilisia easily disperses thanks to her relationship with Honami. Adilisia sends in Shax, but it gets struck down in two shots. Fin is extremely talented, he uses the complicated Celtic magic without pronouncing the spells, which gives him incredible speed. He states that Honami believes that the impurity in Itsuki’s Glam Sight eye was all her fault, which distracts Adilisia and she takes a hit. She plunges and is barely saved by Forneus.

Itsuki and Sekiren arrive to find Adilisia laying on the ground, and Fin tells them that he is only doing this because this is what Honami wants; She wants to fix Itsuki’s eye. Adilisia summons Eligor, a magical knight, but no one can even touch Fin, he is just too fast. Fin easily takes out Eligor and immobilizes Sekiren. He then tries to get Itsuki to reveal his Glam Sight eye, for he has been dying to see it. He states that he is a changeling and reveals his own Glam Sight eye. All this time, Honami has been inscribing some kind of spell around the city. She finishes and activates the spell, which shoots red beams into the air.

Upon seeing this, Fin says the ritual has started and talks to Adilisia. He states that she cannot have Itsuki because she is a witch, and she devoted here life to magic and demons. She states that her being loves Itsuki, no matter what reason, and prepares to attack; but she is stopped by Nekoyashiki’s cats, which fly in and surround her and Itsuki. The cats start to carry them away, but Fin shoots Itsuki out of the cats, which still carry Adilisia away. When the cats carry her and Sekiren back to Nekoyashiki, Adilisia tells him that Fin is a changeling. Nekoyashiki says that a changeling is a baby that is kidnapped by faries and comes back to the world.

Fin and Honami are taking an elevator up to the top of the spaceneedle, they are planning to take the dragon as a sacrifice to fix Itsuki’s eye. They are trying to make the dragon fully awaken, which is a taboo that will get Astral dismantled and Honami will be punished. Itsuki has a flashback which reveals more about what happened to him when he saw the hatchling; he meets a girl who doesn’t know who she is. Honami walks in and Itsuki’s eye has changed. Back with Honami and Fin, they are about to begin, which brings Rental Magica Episode 23 “Changeling” to an unbound end.

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