Rental Magica – 22

Episode Summary: Sekiren is examining some Buddhist shines, and one breaks upon the touch, which signifies a coming of evil. Adilisia and Itsuki are eating at a ramen shop, and it is her first time; she likes the taste of it, and starts to order all of the expensive kinds. After the ramen shop, they head to the place where they first met. They talk about Honami, and wonder why she came to Astral out of all the societies. Adilisia starts to thank him and they almost kiss, but they are interrupted by a boy who climbed a tree to save a cat and ended up getting stuck in the process. He states that his name is Fin Cruda, and Itsuki realizes that the cat is from Astral; they go back to Astral and Nekoyashiki gives him chou creme, a French pastry.

Then Honami and Mikan walk in, Honami picked Mikan up from school, and Fin and Honami seem to have a past. Honami states that Fin helped her with her Celtic magic training. Fin notices Kuroha and tells her that he can see her. Fin states that he came from the society, and that Itsuki may have committed a taboo; he also states that he does not want any harm done to Astral, for it is the society in which Honami joined. When Mikan presses Honami for answers, she states that they met when she was doing her Celtic training for Astral and that he was a teacher that took care of her. She has a flashback of when they met, Honami was searching for her mistletoe, and Fin was sleeping with it in his hands. The girls are talking about the similarities of Itsuki and Fin when they realize that Itsuki is missing; he has gone to catch up with Fin.

They talk about what being a magician means and about the Glam Sight eye. Fin says that Itsuki should have faith in himself as a president and as Fin walks away Itsuki falls to the ground uneasily; his vision blurred. Itsuki leaves and Honami enters, and Fin inquires upon why she did not tell him about the Glam Sight eye; she responds that it was her fault, and she says that Itsuki saw a dragon’s egg. As they talk, Itsuki is found by the dragon’s egg which has hatched. Back at Astral, Mikan is trying to call Itsuki, but to no avail. Nekoyashiki states that under the circumstances, he must tell Kuroha and Mikan about the dragon that Itsuki saw.

Just as the dragon makes a move on Itsuki, Sekiren steps in to fend it off. Itsuki starts to feel intense pain, and Sekiren rips off his eye patch and performs a spell on his eye because the eye patch’s spells have been depleted. Meanwhile at the Goetia mansion, Adilisia realizes that the taboo is about Itsuki’s eye and takes off. Sekiren tells Itsuki that someone is removing all of the protective seals on the city and the residents are being put to sleep. He states that if the seals are not replaced that night, everyone will die. He also says that it is the work of a powerful magician, and Itsuki takes off to find Fin. Honami is flying around a skyneedle contemplating if Itsuki’s eye can really be fixed. This brings Rental Magica Episode 22 “The Sleeping City” to a unhinged cliffhanger.

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