Rental Magica – 21

Episode Summary:Adilisia is giving a report of Goetia and the society is not too happy with her dealings with Astral, they feel that Goetia should be dealing with bigger societies. Adilisia leaves for Astral, barges in, and nervously asks Honami to be her wife. This marriage is a misunderstanding to everyone, since it is just a magical ritual. This ritual will give Adilisia power in this area, and that is the only way in magical society to do so. Everyone is excited except for Itsuki, who is just confounded; and gets everyone’s attention by pretending to remove his eyepatch. Everyone states that it has nothing to do with love, and after they are married they are going to get divorced.

They head over to Diana’s to get something magical for the wedding that represented their different magics. They come across two dresses, white and black, and Itsuki is chosen to pick the wearers; he decides on Honami the black and Adilisia the white. On the wedding day, Daphne is the priestess. While getting ready, both of the girls wonder what Itsuki thinks about their looks. They walk out and start the ceremony; they take the rings and put them on the other’s ring finger. As the ceremony takes its peak, Itsuki is constantly telling himself that it is just a magician ceremony.

Nekoyashiki tells Itsuki that they will know each others secrets and life events, and that their inner souls will connect. Diana points out that normally there are states of happiness and joy, but this one seems different. The beings of Honami and Adilisia are conflicting, both are unsure if it is alright to do in front of Itsuki, since they both love him. As Adilisia begins to cry, Itsuki races to the front and breaks the bond and takes them outside. They take a break on a sunny hill, and Itsuki states that he may not know much about magic, but he knows that they are not acting like themselves. At that, Adilisia crushes a transceiver that connects to the society heads. They take off their rings and throw them away bringing Rental Magica Episode 21 “The Black and White Dresses” to a close.