Rental Magica – 19

Episode Summary: The episode starts as a young girl is approached by her grandmother, who states that Mikan is returning and the “festival” will start. Mikan arrives at the station with Nekoyashiki and heads off to home. Itsuki is busy training back at Astral, when he is interrupted by Honami to take a breather. Honami points out how quiet it is without Mikan and Nekoyashiki; while Kuroha makes tea and marks on the calender. While Itsuki is being eating out and Kuroha brings tea, Byakko runs around in a fit, which means something has happened to Nekoyashiki. When Itsuki calls Mikan’s home, he finds that they will not return her, and that Nekoyashiki has been missing for a week. Itsuki and Honami take off to get them back as soon as possible.

When they arrive at the train station, Itsuki feels pain in his Glam Sight eye. They are approached by a big man who knows their names; he states that his name is Shitou Tatsumi, and that he was instructed to bring them to the family grounds. When they arrive, they meet the grandmother, who states that returning Mikan is impossible. She holds powers that they need, and that her will does not matter; Honami states that she should be returned to Astral because she is registered with them. The Grandmother states that if Mikan can remove a ghost, she can leave; she requests their services then the ghost appears. Honami fires mistletoe, but it is deflected, and Itsuki punches it square in the chest when it rushes. Honami then finishes it off, but the grandmother says that there are many more around the grounds.

Tatsumi asks the grandmother why the festival is being held that night, was it about Kaori, which is Mikan’s sister. The grandmother does not answer, and she tells him to keep an eye on Astral; a servant tells the grandmother that Kaori is missing, and he is sent out to look. Honami and Itsuki settle down and notice that Byakko is calm, so Nekoyashiki is fine. Byakko takes off and Itsuki follows to find where Mikan is. He states that after the festival, they will all go home together. The next morning they head out, along with Tatsumi. They head off to the temple where they have a cloth from the ghost, of which they can use its spell power to find the host.

It turns into an origami bird and takes off, and arrives at the Hill of Thunder, which is a place where a grave battle was fought. Itsuki feels pressure on his Glam Sight eye and a gang of ghosts show up. They are taking them down without any troubles until they get surrounded, then Itsuki uses his eye to spot an escape route. Just before they make a run for it, Byakko being used as a transceiver, Nekoyashiki says to stay away from that route. Just then, the spell wave contamination peeks, which sends Itsuki spiraling; he awakens by Nekoyashiki, who says he is safe. They are approached by Kaori, and Nekoyashiki states that he kidnapped her.

Meanwhile, Honami and Tatsumi are in Honami’s barrier, and Tatsumi tells her the secret to the festival; a festival that devours the ghost, trapping its hatred. They take out that hatred and put it into the next leaders body. Kaori states that her grandmother has set a human sacrifice to ensure her safety, and that sacrifice is Mikan. That is why Nekoyashiki kidnapped Kaori. The origami that Itsuki followed lead the festival directly to the barrier. This brings a cliffhanger end to Episode 19 “The Miko’s Hometown”.

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