Rental Magica – 18

Episode Summary: Back in the day, a lady who was to be Adilisia’s father’s apprentice arrived; upon arrival, Adilisia admired her looks. Itsuki is still in training well, but yet again, Daphne comes to interrupt him. It appears that once again, Adilisia is missing. When Itsuki chases after her just like last time, she disappears just like last time. On a side note, it appears that the producers were lazy, and reused that entire scene of Itsuki training when Daphne disappears; it’s the same lines and everything. As Daphne is searching for Adilisia in the city, she reveals that Adilisia plans on retaliating against Clive for stealing the vessel and to retrieve Asmodia. She then calls upon Gara, a subordinate.

He states that Adilisia’s whereabouts are unknown, but they do know she is in the city. It appears that Daphne, Gara, and Clive all trained in school together; as the memory ends, Gara takes his leave. As Gara exits, Sekiren surprises Daphne, and almost gets his head cleaved off. Daphne takes the offense, because there is no guarantee that Sekiren wont tell anyone about the conversation, but the fight ends peacefully. Sekiren states that he knows Clive’s whereabouts, and they head off to a bar where there are signs of Solomon’s magic. Daphne states that Clive wouldn’t stay in a place like that and performs an analysis of the spell waves. When Sekiren asks why Daphne is content with being an apprentice, since she is clearly skilled enough to create her own society or lineage, she has a flashback of Clive and Gara asking her to start one.

She turned both of them down stating that she has a feeling that she must be Adilisia’s shadow. Daphne asks why Sekiren has done so much for her, and he states that he has fallen for her. Their conversation is cut short upon the finishing of the spell, Clive is up in Mt. Niyuu. As we saw in the last episode, Clive got his butt handed to him, and he is crawling into the shadows; he comes to a black figure, but passes out. Meanwhile, Sekiren and Daphne are in pursuit, with Sekiren trying to hook up with her. As she takes a step forward, her lag is snared by a grass barrier. They proceed and encounter Gara, who states that Clive has left; Daphne does a spell to check, and she finds Clive dead and bloody in a bush.

Gara attacks them by surprise and summons Haures, a fire demon. He then consumes the demon becoming pure magic, a taboo that no one must commit. He states that Oswald, Adilisia’s grandfather, would probably have succeeded if he had not intervened; he also states that he told Clive to steal Asmodia. The fight begins and Sekiren seems to have the upper hand until he is caught by a fireball. Sekiren explodes out of it will a spell and slams a hard fist straight in the forehead, defeating Gara. They talk about Mr. Oswald while Daphne tends to Sekiren’s wounds, and he states that Mr. Oswald wanted to apologize to Daphne. They reveal that Daphne is also a Mathers, and she could have obtained the family head. She states that she had to sell the colors of her body to demons in order to appear different than Adilisia, and let her have hte family name because she saved her. Sekiren tells her that she really is beautiful, then passes out. This brings Rental Magica Episode 18 “The Bond of Solomon” to a close.