Rental Magica – 17

Episode Summary: Adilisia is performing a ritual, but some scumbag has stolen part of it, failing the ritual. Meanwhile, Itsuki is still training with Sekiren. Itsuki is doing drills, when he is interrupted by Daphne, Adilisia’s servant. She inquires if Itsuki has seen Adilisia, and then leaves. When Itsuki returns to Astral, he finds that Adilisia called, stating not to worry.

Later that night, Itsuki decides to take a walk, and during said walk, he feels some spellwave contamination. He checks it out only to be attacked by Forneus. Forneus is being commanded by the person who stole the vase at the beginning of the episode; he has Forneus capture Itsuki in his mouth, but is stopped by Adilisia. Adilisia shows up and says that Clive Roland is trying to summon Asmodia, the demon that governs the East. Clive was excommunicated from the house of Mathers. Adilisia attacks Clive, but Forneus deflects her; at that, he takes his leave.

Adilisia tends to Itsuki’s wounds as they talk. Itsuki says that he felt she needed help, so he went looking. Adilisia states that she went back the the U.K. to succeed her father as the Mather’s head. She prepared the event accordingly and was suppose to summon Asmodia, but Clive interrupted the ceremony. She has now lost all of her magic and refuses anyones help, but Itsuki refuses to leave her side. Meanwhile, Clive is starting up the ceremony; he sacrifices Forneus for a bit of extra power. Upon the summon of Asmodia, it attacks Clive, sending him sprawling into a wall.

Asmodia spots Adilisia and Itsuki and makes a move; as it starts to attack Adilisia, Itsuki swings a metal hook into it. It tries to grab Itsuki, but Itsuki hits its arm; it responds with a roar that knocks him back. Adilisia uses her talisman in attempt to send it packing, but Itsuki and Asmodia seem to have a link. In order to break it, Adilisia must make a link with Itsuki, and to do that, she needs to kiss him. When she has made the link, she has Itsuki distract Asmodia so she can perform the ritual. She uses the magic link that connects them to Asmodia to strengthen her own, and she finishes the ceremony. She then sends Asmodia away and walks off into the sunset with Itsuki.

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