Rental Magica – 16

Episode Summary: Honami is doing business with Kagezaki while Itsuki is training in the mountains. Itsuki spots a butterfly with a torn wing and chases it. He chases it into a tunnel when his eye starts to hurt; the pain becomes immense and Itsuki faints in the contamination. As he lays unconscious, a big demon caterpillar starts to make its move on Itsuki, but it is destroyed by a monk. The monk wakes up Itsuki, then returns to the monster, which has regenerated. He states that larva trap people in nightmares and shoots a fireblast at it. The monster reforms into a bunch of butterflies, which the monk incinerates as well; the monster then returns to the shadows from which it came.

The monk then turns to Itsuki, and forcefully demands his information. Itsuki tells him he chased after the butterfly because he wanted to heal it and the monk breaks down. He states that his name is Sekiren, and that he has made the biggest mistake of his life, going to kill a nice young man. He states that he will perform seppuku, ritualistic suicide. Itsuki stops him and Sekiren hands him a business card; when Itsuki hands Sekiren his card, he gets on one knee. Back at Astral, Nekoyashiki and Kuroha are talking about Sekiren. Nekoyashiki states that he goes off on journeys then pops in from time to time.

They state that Itsuki is being taught taijutsu by Sekiren, and that the martial arts is the most tangible part of magic. While training, Honami stops by to deliver a bento and some verbal punishment. Later, Sekiren stops by to visit Nekoyashiki to ask a favor while Itsuki is K.O.-ed. When Itsuki awakens, Sekiren is there to keep him company. He states that martial arts originated from magicians, and that he has some business to attend to. As Sekiren leaves, Kuroha drops by with some tea. Itsuki states he wants to become stronger to repay everyone for their support. As Kuroha starts to leave, Itsuki is affected by spellwave contamination.

The spellwave contamination appears like the forest is on fire, but the fire isn’t hot. They head down the mountain, Kuroha back to Astral to get help, and Itsuki inside the tunnel from earlier. The flames trap Itsuki inside, and he is approached by a giant warrior with a spear. Honami is on her way, using her weak stones to lead her to him. Kuroha and Honami meet and then start towards Itsuki when Sekiren stops them. The warrior is using the blunt side of the spear to knock Itsuki down, and Itsuki picks up a piece of wood in order to defend himself. Now that Itsuki can defend himself, the warrior starts using the sharp side of the spear, which he uses to stab Itsuki.

Itsuki’s Glam Sight eye is telling him to release it, but Itsuki realizes he cannot rely on it. Itsuki realizes that the monster is made from a larva, and that if he can defeat it, he can kill it in reality as well. Itsuki dodges the warrior blows and strikes it dead on the heart, destroying it. Itsuki then faints, and then reawakened by Kuroha and Honami. Sekiren shows up and Itsuki explains that the event was training. Nekoyashiki and Mikan show up and Sekiren states that Itsuki has completed his first mission alone, and that he cannot run away from the Glam Sight eye. Itsuki realizes that he must walk hand-in-hand with the eye to strive.