Rental Magica – 15

Episode Summary: The Astral Company is on vacation, along with Adilisia at a nice sunny beach. It couldn’t be a vacation without Adilisia and Honami fighting it out, nor could it be without Nekoyashiki’s insanely good sense of fashion. And they’re off! Honami and Adilisia take to the sea and shore, participating in their own triathalon, while Itsuki takes score. As Adilisia and Honami get a bit of heat stroke, Itsuki and Kuroha take to an enclosed shrine in a cliff where they were asked to deliver a box containing a Funadama; a funadama is a doll that brings good fortune at sea. As they safely return the funadama a black aura sucks them in. The rest of Astral realize that they haven’t come back, and that they must be in trouble.

As Itsuki comes to, he realizes that he is on a boat, and the man that saved him is Hyoudou; Hyoudou has also been stuck in the mist. As they turn their gaze, they see a bunch of eerie looking ships; Kuroha tries to fly out while Itsuki tries to contact Nekoyashiki through Byakko, and they both end up gaining nothing. They realize that the area is spell wave contamination and try to think of the cause. As Nekoyashiki and and the others find the shrine, they are approached by an elderly women. Back with Itsuki and Kuroha, Hyoudou states that his ancestor fished up a mermaid, and that he was fed the last bit of the mermaid when he was a boy to heal him; he plans on catching one to get out of the mist. Back with Nekoyashiki and the others, the old lady tells them the story of the mermaid.

She states that those who eat the flesh of the mermaid eventually gets devoured by mermaids. Hyoudou is telling Itsuki about the birthing ritual of a boat, that they paint the bottom with blood in order to catch a mermaid. Hyoudou tells that his daughter Mutsumi passed away while he was at sea. As Hyoudou finishes his story, mermaids attack the boat. They state that since one of them ate a mermaid, they were going to eat them. A split second before the mermaids attack them, Kuroha sets a barrier up. Hyoudou states that he threw away the funadama that Mutsumi made for him, and they have nothing to stop the attack.

Kuroha summons Mutsumi’s funadama and starts to fade away. Hyoudou takes the funadama and throws it into the sea, which kills off the mermaids. Itsuki tells Hyoudou that he should return home and forget about mermaids; after that statement, Itsuki realizes that he and Kuroha are being ejected from that dimension and being sent to their own. As they are returned to the group, Itsuki and Kuroha are laying together, which looks awkward. Kuroha gets up and retrieves the funadama. Itsuki is later told that the funadama was returned in the past, and that Hyoudou made it home to his wife. The group ends their vacation with a bang, a bunch of fireworks in the night sky.