Rental Magica – 14

Episode Summary: A lady is summoning shinigami when the spell backfires and strikes her. There was a man behind the woman named Isurugi Kei, and he comes to Astral in seek of a magician to oversee a star festival. As he puts down Itsuki, Nekoyashiki walks up to bring an awkward air around. As Itsuki and Nekoyashiki take up his job, Nekoyashiki states that Itsuki should be weary of his Glam Sight eye because of the massive contamination. As they walk along, Nekoyashiki states that he and Kei use to be students together, and that a ritual was failed on that mountain. As they reach the peak, they meet with Mikan and start their job.

As they start their ritual unknowingly being watched, Itsuki has to avoid looking at Nekoyashiki due to his eye. As the ritual takes a critical turn, Kei unleashes a spell that interrupts the ritual, sending everything into chaos. When Itsuki awakens, he realizes that he has been sent back into time. He sees the woman from earlier and Nekoyashiki wanting to escape with Mikan; so the woman does the ritual. Itsuki is awakened by one of Nekoyashiki’s cats and runs over to Mikan; they watch Nekoyashiki finish the ritual. Nekoyashiki states that he has a Fehde with Kei, and that only magician presidents can be a referee in a Fehde.

Honami and Adilisia are talking about the ritual, and that Kei is affected by spell wave contamination. Itsuki notices Kei and confronts him about interrupting the ritual. He states that he indeed interrupt it, and that he was to take in the spell’s energy into himself. As they start the Fehde, Mikan finishes up the ritual. They fling fudas at each other, which negate; then Kei fires a fireball, but Nekoyashiki turns it into a water dragon and sends it back. Kei summons cats of harvest, but Nekoyashiki counters. When that fails, Kei has the cats devour him for a final assault. Kei gains a lot of power, but Nekoyashiki surrounds himself in magical fire and releases another fuda to relinquish Kei’s powers.

Nekoyashiki heals Kei, for he had a reason to attack him. Nekoyashiki asks if he fulfilled his promise to protect Kei, and ends Rental Magica – 14 “Memories of the Stars”

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  1. Nice new layout, it just keeps getting better and better, especially the new banner looks really good. Haven’t been watching much anime lately been catching up on some j-drama but will prob continue my viewing soon.

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