Rental Magica – 13

Episode Summary: Back in the day, back when Adilisia and Honami first met. Adilisia was admiring Stonehedge when she noticed Honami standing on the edge of a cliff. The next day during practice, Adilisia fights two boys who were harassing Honami. In class, Adilisia is the top student, and everyone admires her; except for Honami, who never notices her due to her constant studying. Adilisia talks to Honami in the library to find that they don’t meet eye to eye. Their teacher announces Magi Night, where the students have to live through a night in a haunted building to pass.

When the time comes, they are grouped into pairs, and Adilisia and Honami are put together. When they come to face with a headless man and other ghosts, Adilisia easily takes out the trash. Adilisia plans to destroy the core of the spell wave contamination to prove her excellence, and Honami states that she will stay put; upon saying so, she creates a spell shield barrier her to wait out the night. Upon killing a cat ghost, Adilisia finds the source of the contamination and destroys it. Unfortunately, this makes everything worse, and the contamination spreads thicker. This new contamination puts everyone except Adilisia and Honami into a coma-like state. As the contamination reaches Honami, her barrier starts to decay rapidly; Adilisia starts to get affected, and she goes into a trance.

Adilisia goes into a coma, but is rescued by Honami on her broom and barrier. Honami starts to take command and tells Adilisia to spread her spells around to dissipate the contamination. Honami then uses her Celtic magic to destroy the actual core. We then see Adilisia, Itsuki, and Manami looking at an old album with a picture of Adilisia and Honami. Honami walks in and Itsuki and Manami run out; Adilisia asks why Honami does what she does, but Honami says it is a secret. Thus ending Rental Magica – 13 “Initiation Rite”.